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A member registered Dec 03, 2019

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I love so much about this game! The scenery, the music- everything fits so well together and promises some good stuff to come in the future :) I haven't encountered any bugs so far either- but that might just be because of my very careful playstyle. Can't wait to see/play more! Especially since my last thought a second before the demo ended was "Wow, exploring this is so much fun! I wonder how much longer the demo is?"

Just made an account and glad to have this as my first game!! I had such a good time figuring everything out and every time I needed a tip it turned into a "duh" moment, so all the puzzles are actually really comprehensive, if thought about the right way ;Dc

Ahhh, and I love the characters so much too <3 <3

10/10, would cri about skellies (and Lee) again