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Warren Clark

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Great work guys you can tell a lot of thought and care went into this, love the art style and everything feels smooth and responsive.

Cheers man all my work on here is free to use in any way ud like and credit would be awesome cheers.

Cheers for the compliment and reaching out. You can reach me at 

cheers man glad you like it and I'll be adding in the future.

cheers mate 😊

Cheers yeah all my work is free to use in anyway you like. credit is appreciated cheers.

cheers I mainly use pyxeledit.

yeah man your totally free to do what u want with it I'm just happy you can use it in a game credit is appreciated but not required.

My pleasure I love seeing what people can do with my art. Your game looks great. Also cheers for the credit and if u make anything else in the future plz hit me up.

cheers mate

I use pyxel edit it's great for making tile maps but I love using it for animation.

cheers mate appreciate it!

cheers man ill follow you on twitter.

This is awesome mate so pumped to see one of my sprites in a game and great job on the death animation.

this is awesome mate any chance I can link this game on my twitter?

that's awesome got any footage or links to the game would love to see it.

Cheers man appreciate the support!

That's cool would love to see it in action any chance u could send me a link to ur game when it's ready.

Cheers mate been following ur work too really great stuff can't wait to see ur animations :-)

Cheers mate.

Cheers mate appreciate it!

no but it's something I will add in the future.

Cheers man appreciate the support.

Cheers man glad u liked it.


Cheers for the feedback mate. I'll give the spellcasting animation a go and upload as soon as a can.

Cool looking ghost sprite mate, loving ur work.



Cheers for the compliment mate but I'm far from being a great pixel artist, still have a lot to learn and improve on. I basically learn all my stuff from youtube tutorials and following other pixel artists on twitter and studying there work.

Yeah ur right was experimenting with my idle animations trying to get the illusion that he's breathing up and down but it ended up looking over exaggerated will update it. Cheers for the feedback mate hope u enjoy more in the future.

Cheers man!

Cheers for the feed back yes ur right shield needs a little more work and I'm still learning how to animate cloth properly in motion. I'll try and improve it as I get better. Cheers.

Cheers man appreciate it!

Cheers man been working at it.

It was one of my early attempts at a walk animation so didn't want it to be to complicated. Glad you liked it.

Cheers mate!

Cheers glad you liked it.

Cheers hopefully plenty more to come.