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Get outta here, ya bozo

xyx can have my bank account info, I have never been more charmed, fam. This mofo can have ALL my money.

Thank you for the update, love the VA!!!!

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its the part with "Romance" in the name where she has her chastity belt on and it says that you spend the day teasing her and making out with her in the garden

I don't really like to be forced to touch and make out with Helena just to continue the story, do you think you could maybe change that? I mean I'm REALLY not interested in romancing her but I keep getting forced to do stuff with her

I know theres not a lot of poly games, but I just really would have liked it if it was specified so I wouldn't spend hours trying to get the perfect end where I could balance out how my time was spent to get one person. I get now that I wasn't the demographic it was appealing to, but I don't know how I was supposed to know that. I genuinely thought it was a choice to be poly or not. But yeah, nothing I can do about this but put this away and go play something else, but again, really would have appreciated if it was specified so peeps don't have to through the same confusion and frustration of trying to get an end they want and running into a wall every time. 

ok, thing is, I liked the routes but the ending just made me feel really uncomfortable. I mean it acts like it gives you a choice but it really seems like its pushing you towards a poly relationship when I really only wanted to romance one person. Even when I actively avoided it, the ending it gave me was "It seemed like they were all on the edge of something but wouldn't be there for a long time" And bruh, it just made it feel like my choices didn't matter in the end, I was going to be in a poly relationship whether I liked it or not.