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Thank you, I can't describe how happy your comment made me <3 

thank you! <3

Aaah I'm so glad you enjoy the story and my style--personally I enjoy focusing more on the internal struggles of the characters, dialogues and actions, so I'm really happy you like that about my work <3

the current word count stands on 62,657 words! 


i'm glad! :d


Hi! I'm glad you like the game! <3

I'm perfectly aware not all of us trans people change our names after transition/coming out, however the Main Character in Sinners and Saints, if trans, did change their name

I'm planning around 8 chapters!

The game is updated whenever I have the time, it takes me around 2-3 months to write and code a chapter, and have it beta tested

hopefully the update will be released some time in August!


Of course they do ;)

forgive me while i simp over this entire demo-

i could personally recommend plenty, the ones which are my personal favorites i have listed here!

Most similar to Sinners and Saints I'd say are the games:

  • Water to Blood  (in development)
  • When Twilight Strikes (in development)
  • Superstition S1 & S2 (both finished)
  • Greenwarden (in development)
  • Larkin (in development)
  • Speaker (in development)


thank you! <3


thank you!

ah I'm glad you enjoy the story so far, your comment made me genuinely smile <3 I hope to implement more explicit ace/aro options and text (which would show if the player chose any of those options) in the future chapters! 

I'm glad you enjoy the game so far! <3

come on, all this praise is gonna make me blush <3 thank you!


aaah thank you! <3

thank you! <3

It's intentional, though I can't reveal too much ;)

aaaa thank you! <3

Thank you for understanding!

Thank you!! <3

thank you!

Simply because I am not going to make this an option at any point in the game. I do not feel comfortable making an option like this, and I'd appreciate if you'd respect that. 

thank you 🥺

jkhkhd thank you, i'm glad you enjoy the story so far!

Watched your entire video in one sitting, and let me tell you I screamed at times; it's so amazing to see someone react in real time to my work! And all the voices you made for each character--it was so entertaining! Your reactions honestly made me fluster, I'm just so happy that you enjoyed Sinners and Saints so far <3 


Aaah i'm so glad that you do! <3 thank you!

thank you! <3

I can definitely make it available for download once it's all released! <3


thank you! <3