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So this is a pretty good update. As promised, the buttons and titles have been translated. There are no complaints about the buttons, but the names do not look very good. (This is just my whining, do not worry). In addition to small grammatical mistakes (I believe in you, Hroft32), I noticed one serious.

If you decide to talk about the corpses and the next choice you answer the letter, the main character will want to talk again about the corpses and show us an empty map.

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Wow, just wow! This is not only a great visual novel, but I could see my native language in it. Very beautiful work of the artist, smooth animation and a well-built plot! Only sometimes the characters jump from the informal "ты" to the formal "вы" and this sometimes causes confusion. (Russian pronouns). Please continue your project! Hello from Russia!

(* ^ ω ^)/ 

P.S. Nikolai is a great name.