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If they were ghost trains, they might say "chugga boo!"

So I see that Last Man Sitting is finally out.

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I enjoyed it. I liked the variety of enemies / shooting behavior. And the minimap was a nice and helpful touch. I also appreciated how fast the movement and progression was. 

On the other hand, some things were too fast - I couldn't fully read the level descriptions and I accidentally skipped the ending instantly with a button press. Once I realized that shooting the enemies was optional, I mostly ignored the fact that I could shoot for the rest of the game. Now take that criticism and throw it out because it's a game jam and you done good.

I'd play more of this. :) It definitely gave a Crypt of the Necrodancer feel, but without the rhythm part.

Well here, I played it alone at least. I'll likely get at least a 2-player game going tomorrow though. :)