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I love your writing style (and Bilbo)!! I'm glad I stumbled on this, super charming. :D

Congrats!!! Great work, I'm excited to see what's to come! :D


I loved the 1.0 of the game already, and the 1.1 v just made it even better! I loved the Guide route addition, and the epilogue was so satisfying to play through. I'd love to see more of the PiP universe, but even if this is the end of the line for these characters (heh, get it, because... because Purgatory...), it was a lovely ride.

Shout out to the artists, sound design, voice actors, etc., too, all MVPs. :D

mordred will cry her way into everyone's hearts if its the last thing i do!!!

in all seriousness, bastard of camelot is a great game and i look forward to seeing more of it! :)

10/10, cried T^T

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I loved this game! Great characters, concept, and art! <3

I also really loved The Guide, despite my better judgement LOL I think he's my favorite character, even with him being... the way he is to the humans in his care. He's so well written, I just want to know more about him! Though I'm not sure how he would feel about having a route, given his whole... "what is an ant to a man" metaphor.

TLDR great game, i love the guide more than i have any right to


I was also wondering [though this might be a spoiler], is there a way to get into the off-limits area that the sign blocks off in the waiting hall? :0

This was such a fun VN! :D I laughed so much while playing; this seriously reminds me of some of my own DnD games in the best ways possible. The characters were great, too! I'd love to see more of them some day if you decide to use them for another project, since I grew super fond of them while playing (especially if there's a Dan route;;; I really wanted to date the DM lol). 

All in all, this was a witty and enjoyable game which left me laughing and feeling lighter than I've felt all week. Thank you for your hard work! 

I just finished my first play-through and thoroughly enjoyed it. This is an absolute gem of a game. The dialogue, the world-building, the LIs... everything is just *chef's kiss* and I genuinely cannot believe it's free. Well done!!!

(Also I picked Duliae first and he's just 10/10. The Onyx Chandler lives rent free in my head though we all know he could afford it)