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This game is amazing and might be my new sideloaded #1 favorite!

370,500 but I'm still getting better!  

I love Crunky, A Joke That Costs 99 cents and Crankins Time Travel Adventure!!

This is a really great game!  It translates a classic arcade concept very smoothly and is worth every penny.  It is also one of the top sideload PlayDate games IMO!

This game is a smart concept with great controls and addictive gameplay.  It is a top sideload Playdate game IMO and is a must play!!

This is a very clever take on puzzle games and RPGs while also utilizing the PlayDate's unique features.  Awesome job -- this is a top 10 sideload PlayDate game all PlayDate owners should have IMO!!

This game makes incredible use of the PlayDate crank; it is zenlike and relaxing, while also being challenging when you least expect it!   It is a top 10 sideload PlayDate game for all PlayDate owners to own IMO!!

What an intuitive, amazing and addictive game!!  This is a top 10 sideload PlayDate game IMO!

This game is a really uplifting, fun, arcade-y vibe!!  It is one of the top 5 PlayDate sideloaded games IMO and is essential to own!! 

This always brings a smile to my face when I play it!  What an great idea to compile everything together -- IMO this is in the top 3 sideloaded games available on PlayDate!!  Essential to own!!

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This game is hypnotizing!  It is amazing -- it is everything!  Worth every penny!!!  IMO it is in the top 3 sideloaded games you can own on PlayDate!

If you have a PlayDate, this is essential.  IMO it's the best sideloaded game out there!