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This is really cool! Best of luck with the game jam ratings!

This is really cool! Best of luck with the game jam ratings!

Cool escort arcade top-down space shooter. I enjoyed it! It would be good if there was an indicator for where the AI helper robot is. Best of luck with the ratings!

Very interesting! I would buy this on Steam if you would add some more levels and polish it. I played until a score of 600 or so. The following arrow is a very cool game mechanic, but in my opinion it should be more physics-based. Right now it wiggles and wobbles without being predictable. It seems like it is only half way guided by the characters movement and half way searches for enemies itself. I would want the arrows movement to be fully dependant on the player movement. And I'd want it to pass through walls. Very cool game!

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Nice demo! This shows the difference between these platformers very well. Hollow Knight's unaccelerated and relatively slow movement is why I didn't like it that much. The walljump behaviour of Celeste was a bit different than in this demo iirc. Celeste would not jump far away off the wall but short staying near it, if the direction key was not pressed when pressing jump on a wall. The short walljump is not in this Celeste demo, however she couldn't rise by walljumping, that's correct. Also there is a strange air-dash when pressing shift. However, I'm excited you're onto a new game! I liked COSMOS very much and am looking forward to whatever you plan next! Good luck! :-)

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Nice game idea, using a dice as a 3D Sokoban character and utilizing the upper number for something. Currently the game doesn't use this but has only a gauge visualizing the upper number. But as a 3D Sokoban game it's still interesting and still has the twist of the sides clapping down after a jump so you can stand over a pit. You probably have a ton of missing features listed, but the ones I missed especially were a camera turn to view the level properly and more explanations how the game works. The latter was possible to find out by trying, but a turning camera with mouse or Q/E would be essential. Oh, and usually the sum of opposite sites of a dice is 7, so 1 and 6, 2 and 5, 3 and 4, but your dice has 1 and 2, 3 and 4, 5 and 6. I found that to be irritating when knowing this about real dice and suggest to change that. Anyway, I love all your games and this one has potential! Wish you the best!

Awesome work mate, you're really talented! This game is even quite challenging! I'd suggest to add AI means against infinite edge camping and add a timer as score. However, very well done! I subscribed to your channels and am looking forward to your future content (videos/games)! :-)

Hey there, I like your game, but the Steam achievements are broken. Can you fix them please?! I posted a Steam discussion thread on that topic

There are some further issues with the game listed here: Would be nice if you could fix them.

I would appreciate any response.

Nice, thank you! :-) I wish you the best of success with your game! I think it has much potential to be a very good fun arcade racer!

This looks dope! Will this be released on Steam eventually? When approx. can I wishlist it?

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Nice game! :D I made it through and beat the boss :)

Is there a gameplay trailer? I can't judge a game only by screenshots, a gif and text.

Nice game you designed here. Reminds me a lot of Lowglow (

I would suggest greatly shortening the tutorial, players get the hang of it really quick.

Also I would suggest making the items from the left bar draggable with one click without having to open a sub-pop-up-menu. This slows down the process of changing the layout.

Also I would recommend limiting the number of items you can place in a level. Otherwise there is no real challenge.

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Oh it's a minimalistic Ape Out copy!? Decent! Unfortunately my web browser's quick commands (right mouse buttong+left) killed the tab, though :P but I restarted and finished it. Really good. If you flesh this out with more levels and maybe some more game mechanics this would sell well I think. I would buy it :D

HAHAHA, GREAT GAME! xD Blobby Volley comes to mind and reminds me of playing it with friends while IT lessons in school. Polish this a bit more, make it easier to score somehow, and add online multiplayer (!) then it would sell well I think! I would buy it!

awesome little game! :D

Very nice! I would expect this to make some good purchase sales on Steam at a small price tag.

nice idea!

Nice little game! I really laughed at the Game Over organ sound celebrating my death. Have a look at Slash or Die for some ideas.

why no mouse for aim? left and right for aim is awful. Have a look at Slash or Die.

omg, that was really scary! not being able to move properly and not able to shoot making me totally vulnerable for what is incoming on me is a nightmare I have had several times in my childhood. You made this really good!

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The music is psychologically disturbing. I'm serious, I couldn't play this 10 minutes with that music. It sounds as if something is off, wrong, you're in the wrong place, doing a weird thing, obsessed like in a horror movie or something like that. Not quite what a relaxing casual puzzle game needs imo. The technique to make this game is interesting, but the game itself isn't that much. Most puzzles are hexagonal symmetric, so it's always clicking the right shape 6 times.

But anyway, thanks for sharing this! I found out about this game via a Steam review you wrote. I liked your review and checked out your profile to find it.

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On kickstarter you additionally offered a "Digital combined manual/artbook/devlog/contributor list/hatemail/occult tome.". Can I still purchase this somehow?

Also, will the price at release be higher than the current pre-order price?

Does the current pre-order include a Steam key?

The movement is so slow. It should be triple the speed, then it would be challenging. At the moment I find it very boring. Nothing compared to Super Hexagon or Circa Infinity.

Will there be melee weapons like swords for a combat gameplay à la Hyper Light Drifter or will the combat be limited to ranged weapons? I love Hyper Light Drifter and would really appreciate swords in this game.