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The music is psychologically disturbing. I'm serious, I couldn't play this 10 minutes with that music. It sounds as if something is off, wrong, you're in the wrong place, doing a weird thing, obsessed like in a horror movie or something like that. Not quite what a relaxing casual puzzle game needs imo. The technique to make this game is interesting, but the game itself isn't that much. Most puzzles are hexagonal symmetric, so it's always clicking the right shape 6 times.

But anyway, thanks for sharing this! I found out about this game via a Steam review you wrote. I liked your review and checked out your profile to find it.

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On kickstarter you additionally offered a "Digital combined manual/artbook/devlog/contributor list/hatemail/occult tome.". Can I still purchase this somehow?

Also, will the price at release be higher than the current pre-order price?

Does the current pre-order include a Steam key?

The movement is so slow. It should be triple the speed, then it would be challenging. At the moment I find it very boring. Nothing compared to Super Hexagon or Circa Infinity.

Will there be melee weapons like swords for a combat gameplay à la Hyper Light Drifter or will the combat be limited to ranged weapons? I love Hyper Light Drifter and would really appreciate swords in this game.