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Did you make sure to extract the zip files before trying to run it? Also, what operating system are you using.

I was wondering if you can make it to where elemental juice such as Arc juice, and Searing juice can be applied to the bullets of gun type weapons also.  I think this would make an awesome feature for one of your next updates.

Throughout the game I often find it difficult to hit/swing my weapon on enemies I think adding targeting would make it easier to attack and focus on enemies

something like the enemy targeting in DarkSouls.

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Awesome game! Can you maybe make the og version of vaportrails for windows instead of HTML5??? I would really appreciate it 😊

You're doing pretty good with the development of this game so far

Awesome update 👍

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Looking forward to playing your awesome  game 😊👍

Im excited for the update too lol

I know right!

Cool remember to take your time the update can wait

It would be cool if you guys did colab

Thanks lumpytouch and thanks to the dev. its a very awsome game!

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The best game  ever in my opinion, looking forward to more updates and devlogs.

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Also if you're able to release this game on steam you should.

 I think this game is gonna be a big hit one day! So keep up the good work and never give up! Because people like me are looking up to you!!!

i like how you're developing this game!

pretty cool!