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Your choice of platform to develop for was quite interesting. Simple idea for the game but still fun, good, and controls well.

I'll also leave here the link to the emulator I used so other people can try it too:

The game didn't open when I tried to run it and it just generated a file named "(invalid encoding)".

Love the presentation! XD And the gameplay was good too.

After enabling all the permissions needed to run the game, I still got an error when trying to load it.

By some weird reason, it was quite a struggle to get the controls to respond. I tried both in Chrome and Firefox and neither was working. It worked at the end, though (Chrome) . It's a nice looking game but needs work on the controls/gameplay. The jump definitely needs to be improved so that it lets you go higher.

Just letting you know that I got an error when trying to run the game. Still, I think you should try exporting it to actual executable files (like a .exe) and uploading those instead. 

Thanks for the comment. You're not the only one that has commented to me about the speed in the first level, so I know what you mean. I just changed that in v1.1 if you want to check it out again.

It's a nice game, but I think the king glitches if you die. He didn't move at all after I restarted the stage.

The controls are a bit awkward, but, besides that, it's a great game. Good job.

Creative idea with the title and idea. Great micro-game overall.