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XD i was looking for cute games and ended up finding this without looking into it too much. I loved it!

I had WAY too much fun with this game. The atmosphere was amazing but I think I missed almost all of the jumpscares by mistake XD

Q.Q poor map

I had fun! 

It's adorable and I love it!

You're fine! The game was super cute and the hit box issues were not game breaking. It's amazing how random people playing your game can find little issues you didn't even know existed.

It was so cute! 

your game brought me so much joy 

Goruto, while not my true love, is best fusion hero

It was cute! I didn't know what was going on half the time but I loved my little dudes <3

another gem <3  this series is too cute 

this birb might actually be my spirit animal 

I just learned there are more and I am playing all of them!

My microsoft paint skills are off the hook!!! lol but seriously thank you for the advice. I might do a second video to show more off (like the runes). Its a little difficult but its fun.

torn between fun game and killing poor birb friends

tried to play it but it soft locked and now crashes every time I try and play it

broke the game a bit and broke the unicorn a few times BUT I MADE MY ULTIMATE CHARIOT! This game was a lot of fun to mess around with~

I had so much fun! I kept giving my creatures more appendages and science in hopes that they would stop burning everything down.