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Limon Gatstaedler

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I haved a good time with It, specially with Van Gogh's "Starry Night"... Thank tou for this breaf moment!

This is really one of the best Bitsy games i've played recently... Beautiful and Sad, a piece of pixelated poetry!

WIP job yet. Thanks for the comments! Im trying to create a better game and I will post it soon... One more time, thanks! 


One of the greatest bitsy games i've ever played. The atmosphere and the Old Ones theme make this one real special in every detail of it.

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Thanks! That's awesome that so many people have liked this game!

Thank you so much! :D

Yeah, Guernica will be my entry to the Cultura Abierta Jam :D

LOL Bitsy works in many different forms in different PC's. In my PC iIthere's a huge delay, but in friends PC's I worked well. Thanks for the report!


I just need to say one thing: when you played The Raven, you can not see the end of the game... That's sad, because two days ago I updated the game with an end... I'm just saying this. One more time, thanks for the video! I love it!

LOL! Thank you so much for your comment! People like you make me happy and give me more and more motivation to make games! Thanks a lot!

Thanks! I'm glad you like!

BUG SOLVED! Thanks for the report.