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I couldn't help but notice that the app gets laggier the more text is typed. It gets choppy after writing a page and a half. It's ignorable but still an issue.

Edit: It seems to be unrelated to the text being typed, after better inspection. It's a matter of how long the editor has been open.

Great concept, and amazing sound effects. They're on the 'cute but deeply unsettling' side. I love it :)

Gameplay is pretty good and polished. Although a bit sad, I enjoyed the experience :)

I love the concept! It's well implemented, but there's a lack of instructions at the beginning. Also having the music loop is a bit off. I'd suggest having the music change only when you change planets.

Can't wait to see what you implement in the future :)

Very fun game! The art style and the effects are pretty good. Although sometimes it's hard to know whether enemies are around you. I suggest adding an indicator or something, but it's just a suggestion. Sound design is great and the music is really good for the gameplay. 

Things I noticed: Some UI options don't display fully, like the Resolution, sometimes when using the third weapon, sounds can overlap and enemies seem to be invulnerable when jumping from spot to another spot.

Overall, pretty solid game and I'd love to see what's coming up :)

I love the setting, the music, the shading used. It's really nice :)

One minor fix could be implemented tho. You can turn your camera 360 degrees on the Y-axis, making it able to look upside down. 

Everything else is pretty amazing. Well done!