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Lime Fox Games

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Its a cute Game :)
I made it in 28 Seconds :3

It took me 48:45 xD xD xD

I love the Torch feature, its awesome! Great Job 👍

This was...    strange

Nice Game to play when you are bored, but the camera shake is to strong. Other than that, Good Job 👍

What is an .sb3 File, and how do I open it?

Nice and well polished Game! Good Job 👍

Nice Idea, its like an "inverted" Platformer. Good Job! 

Thank you, before I even thought about making levels, I put all my time into making the menus, graphics and actually everything else look good and polished. It's great that you like it.

The Problem with the Music bothered me too, but since this was the first time I put Music into my Game and I didn't know much about it, I kept it.

Cool idea how you used the theme for such a nice Game! Great Job 👍

Cool Username btw. xD

Nice Graphics! 👍

Yup, that happend to me too XD

Cool Music and fun little Gameplay! Great Job!

Realy nice Game! First I didn't realise it was you XD

Realy nice Game! First I didn't realise it was you XD

Yea, I did try it. It worked fine

Nice Game! Cool Graphics 👍

Of course xD

Thank you for your Feedback 😊

After I made the first few Levels, my Brother play tested it and he said it was too easy. Then I made the other Levels harder. Maybe I made them too hard 😇

Nice Idea!

Cool Story! Im not realy into Story Games, but if you are, Its a Fun little Game.

It looks so cool! Your 3D Modeling skills are breathtaking

PS: I couldn't move in the Browser Version, but the Download worked fine.

Thanks 😇

Its a nice Idea, and it looks beautiful! 🥰

In the Browser version sometimes the screen starts  shake very weird. Except for the one bug, a great game!

It looks super cool, but I think im to stupid to play it XD

Thank you 🥰

I already knew the Music Error with the one Level but the Time wasnt long enough to fix it.

Is there a Game?


Thanks, I tried my best xD