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looks pretty cool!


проста великолепная игра!!!!!!!

cool game

btw pizza tower: scoutdigo is my favorite pizza tower modem

many days ago i made this resource for zonelets themes:

please note that most themes are not made by me

half of the 3d models are their, the rest of it is just free to use assets with watermarks removed

nice remake on scratch

looks epic


just use 7zip, it's not that hard



they also don't credit ppl and claim as their work

better than garten of banban

they use stolen models, and the game itself has the worst plot and character design ever


also, yeah

i hate garten of banban ew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my games are better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is a joke comment, yeah i still hate this game because of how bad it is

if i play this garbage i will regret everything

naming that not public is not gonna make it private lmaooooooooo

how do i change the name to "the whole story of this comic (spoliers)"

thank you!!!

is it ok if i use the temporary indie gamemaker license for projects that are not related to jam?

no, but there is batari basic

this is the best game ever

n-word detected!!!!!!!!1!!!111!!! skipper is coming for yo ass

10/10 крутая игра

hi can i make a mod of this game

sonic but not copyrighted

every single ninjamuffins idea for fnf will be stolen because the development of the full ass game will go forever

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yeah but I can't make a good game for this jam

do you have discord?

I'm 15 bruh

this is cool!

btw i made a fork of your project:

ending (spoiler alert): basically all crewmates that became sussy impostors were killed by the fact that among us isn't funny and among us is a dead game

no, the vanilla game mod suppot is incomplete, but you can use psych engine

Platblue Beats community · Created a new topic hi

i checked my email and then i found this game, good work! (even though i didn't played it)

hyper sonic