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plus among us isn't funny

ok fine

can you make it playable in browser?

turbowrap is better because htmlfier uses the same engine as scratch (which is slow), and turbowrap compiles scratch projects to javascript

this is great but add ability to play in browser


(2 edits)

1. uhh ok

2. the game will downloadable once i release the demo, for now play april fools demo

if yes then reply to this post


cool man

ok but why did you wrote this in the comments of my 3 games?

so you know ANY of the games to player other than fnf

use exagear

this is so awesome

too bad, use tic-80

this is bmb

its because adds every game from

use google translate, there is an option to translate a web page

fusion 2.5 is not on steamunlocked

but you can download it here (DON'T TELL CLICKTEAM)


i mainly use clickteam fusion 2.5 (with the games factory 1.06) and unity for game development

also learning many cool game engines like construct series and gamemaker 8.1

for sfx stuff i use labchrip

also for drawing graphics i use paint,, paint 3d and krita (i also use flash if i need to make animated stuff)

i also use piskel for pixel art because i have no money for aseprite and yeah

Friday Night Funkin' community · Created a new topic guys

what if i modify fnf entirely and make it look like an actual rhytym game

uh well if you are scratch coder you can use turbowrap packager and it can compile your project to linux executable

i live in ukraine and i like this game

слава україні

clickteam fusion has no coding

he used visual studio like a pro

you can use other engines like clickteam fusion

no furry

I know


wow I can't believe i found this gamejam

since this is a black and white game jam, I'll completely make a classic gameboy game in gb studio (if only)

fnf fandom is bad because it has too much cring and toxic chemical kids

they also type a comment like "this game is stolen from fnf" when they see a ddr like game

this is my opinion btw

this rat can fard


that's haxeflixel, a recreation of flixel in haxe

he is FLAMING homosexual

use this: mode, x, y, radiusx, radiusy, segments )

this should work

no furries but ok


marcellos fun house exists

its a seperate game btw