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Buddy, there are worse games on this website. it's a good game for a first-timer. It doesn't hurt to be more gracious of someone's efforts. 

Maybe if you weren't suffering from p0rn-induced brain rot you wouldn't be spending so much time here giving "honest reviews" to p0rn games that you satisfy yourself with. 

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 I've never played anything like this before. I have no words to truly describe how cool this game is. Like, I cannot stress this enough: this game is a masterpiece, and the soundtrack is crazy catchy too. You should all consider supporting jjohnstongames and all the wonderful people and artists who got together to make such a beautiful game.

I played and finished the game months ago and i enjoyed it very much. the story is riveting and the ending was a huge surprise the first time around. I played a few more times and got super into the individual stories of each family member that i honestly wish there was more information that i could read about them. The Roottree lore is so rich and complex. I want more of it and I want to read it all like a book.

 jjohnstongames did an amazing job with this one, there's so much detail and thought that went into each character (and there are so many of them so making a storyline as complex as this one is incredible and must have been no mean feat). They were also kind enough to walk me through installing the desktop version from the official discord so thank you!

Sidenote: I played this game quite a lot through the holidays and it got me through the tough parts of the season and through my college finals. It became a comfort game for me, I would actually have this on a second monitor while I studied and wrote essays and would reward myself with an hour of gameplay to take a break from doing school.

hey! im so sorry about the very late reply, school got very busy so i was off itch for a while. the plants were transparent from the store but would then fix itself after a while. and I play using the download!

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super fun game! I can't wait for the next updates and new game modes 

A few things:

- Sometimes the #1 folder becomes unclickable, it fixes itself when you click the #2 and #3 folder

- There's a bar of text on the top part of the client that won't go away 

I can't seem to attach a screenshot of the text bar

love this game. theres a small problem with the christmas cactus and string of hearts

great game!! i like that you can leave a message for the next player 

idk how to play. I cant figure out how to sell anything to make money, at first i thought i can sell the logs but it just upgraded my house. id love to play this game tho im a sucker for farming games

love this game. wish it can go fullscreen though!

broke my heart

came back to this game today! I'm so excited for the steam release!

the ending was simple but made me tear up

it doesn't rotate and pressing escape to cancel doesnt work. i really like it tho

i spent 6 hours playing the game and ALMOST finished it, I saved and shut down my laptop. I've lost all of my progress. Is there a way to get any of my progress back on the browser version?

never mind got it

the game doesnt load

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ive played it three times. ive cried three times. we find hope even in the direst of situations, that is what makes us human. we persevere even when we are lost, wandering through scorched earth, alone and starving, carrying the demons of our past. we are human not because we look it, we are human because we fight like hell every single day to make it to the next. we watch the sun set so that we can see it rise again, we sleep for the promise of tomorrow and we wake up with the hope of today.

this conversation wouldve been so much better but i was too upset to think, i was too focused on creating pain. I wish we had this conversation

how do i exit the shop

this game took the breath out of me. My stomach was in knots the entire time, I wanted to cry as I read every word.

 S3xual trauma is complex, painful, and often treated as shame. We who experience s3xual trauma are told not to speak about it, not to seek help, not to seek peace because what happened was our fault, because no one can do anything about, because no one wants to do anything about it. This game made me think back on all of the relationships I've had, made me wonder if any of those relationships gave me pain that I wasn't even aware of. 

It is insane to me how different yet similar our experiences are, but I found comfort in knowing that I am not alone with my confusion and broken experiences with s3x and intimate relationships. 

I've been a s3x worker since I turned 18. It's only recently at 23 that I began wondering if the reason I chose to be a sex worker was because of all the fucked up things I've had to go through. I knew deep down it wasn't just for the money, though the money was great, but what you wrote about people wanting to punish or help sex workers really jumped out at me because I encounter SO FUCKING MUCH OF THAT that it has began to eat away at my very soul. I used to think I didn't care what people said or thought about me or what I did, I used to think that I had a lot of pride in what I do for people, I thought it made me feel sexy and beautiful and empowered but lately it's starting to feel more and more like I'm trying to convince myself of that instead of believing it because of all the vitriol and hatred I receive from strangers daily. 

I hear you, I feel your pain, I am with you. I love you. Thank you for a great game. 

The controls are okay, I wish there was a way to make it full screen. The buttons on the side of the itchio page get in the way of the cold valve.

I love it. Just a few tweaks to the settings and you can type out a good chunk of stuff in a very entertaining and fun way. 

I wrote an entire diary entry on this lol it felt pretty good to just type and let the words disappear into the void. I wish there was an option to save the entire photo/text file with all the crazy directions, the words can be legible if you set it to the right angles. It was cool to read some of the words the right way and then watching the letters twist around and read backwards as you follow the sentence, it tripped me up a few times when I reread my words lol.

 I've tried doing something similar with an actual pen on my journals and it was so difficult to keep the loops even, this is a great alternative if I want a fancy line of text for my journal or scrapbook. I've been screen capturing my sentences and printing them out to glue to my notebooks but it would be so much easier to have the ability to save what we've typed as a text file to go directly into a word editor or as a photo for easier printing and trimming down to the proper size. I'd also love to save these to my phone to post or use a wallpaper with motivational text. 

Love your work. Keep it up, you're amazing at what you do. 

I require more of the story. i beg!!!! I need more Milo in my life 

how!!! impossible

Do you have a Patreon that players can join to support the development of your games? I tried joining the Discord but I'd love to show my support more than just following you on here! 

modern poetry

it stops being fun when the game just wont let you progress. 

Like, theres zero chance for progression. The heat just gets you before you can do anything.

It's a fun game but the heat just keeps rising way too fast and theres no real way to earn money while also successfully beating the heat.

Great! I'm looking forward to seeing it go up on Steam so I can buy it <3

Hello! I absolutely adore this game and would love to see it grow and become available on steam. It's so much fun to play! I'm really hoping that this game is still being worked on and stuff. This is a wonderful game, keep up the great work <3