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I loved this game! I particularly like Nikolai, not because he's mean, but because he has so much depth to his character and it's pretty easy to tell that he's subject to growth. He's really interesting as a character and I'd love to see more. 

I also really like the protagonist's reactions because I think some games tend to overdo reactions to the point where it's more out of place than anything. Anyway! Great job on this game and I'm excited to play more! =)

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Hi! I keep getting this bug towards the end of the game, typically before the King's announcement, but there have been other instances.  It happened most frequently on Sofia's route (possibly bc I've been skipping?), but I've only tried one other besides that.

Update: It happens every time I'm supposed to get an ending.

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I just started the game and I am totally in love with Lucette's character. She's cold and mean, but not enough to be totally put off as the person playing her. It's easy to connect her traits back to what she's been through. She really holds the theme of solitude and how isolation can really hurt a person. And yet, she's not totally stone cold and she's obviously human, whereas some games have an ice queen that is a boring, mean robot. Her inferiority complex comes to light and it's easy to understand why she feels so threatened, as she feels as if no one really cares about her, so it's not like she's rude to her step-sibling just for fun. It's hard to be nice to people you feel replaced by. Great job on her! (I remember being like that at one point so she's easy to relate to, also!)