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thanks to take your time to respond, it's really nice of you. I will wait to see one of your sketch then :p ! it's really cool to have the opportunity to discuss with the creator of one of your favorite game :). (sorry if my english is awkward some time, it's not my native tongue, i'm french :p).

Later, if you think of create some art book, i will surely be interested to buy it ;).

Thanks to be here too XD * reciprocate hugg*

Hello, thanks to give us some news, you seems to work hard thanks for us x) but take care of you please ! We can wait, your updates give us some courage to x') ! Well, i would love some little sketch or fanart of your characters ^^ ! But, just have some news of you is still cool.

( I plan to play again (and again XD) to your wonderful game : Nusantara Legend of the winged ones while i wait for the next update anyway) 

Love you <3

one of your fan

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Usually i don't try incomplet visual novel, but the story, the art and all of these wonderful comment you have make me want to try. And boy... i really enjoyed it ! I love the fact you can don't have to chose between Omen and Alkar... :3 The other route aren't too similare and it's very interesting to have their 'point de vue' (sorry i don't know how to write it in english). I will wait with impatience for the next chapter. You have done a great job, it will be in my "coup de coeur" !