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I cried like five times from the beginning of Noelle's segment to the end. What a wonderful way to end these characters' stories.

Thanks! I'm glad you found it useful. I played a bunch of yours and I liked them a lot too.

Fun game :) the stock photo limitation forces some creative decisions that I wouldnt think of otherwise. And everything being two dimensional gives creations a very pretty unpolished look. Really cool 

this game is really good. it connects a lot of different themes together that i've been thinking about a lot, about abuse and how it affects relationships with other people and communities and growing from that. but there's a lot more in the game. it's overflowing and resists a simple reading or answer

Thank you this is a really sweet comment


Oh I guess I allowed the game to be run at resolutions it wasn't made for. I changed it if you want to redownload!

"I appreciate this so much, I really tried to use tarot as a way to expand understanding of the story in a different dimension -- it’s so rad that came through! Thank you so much for playing!" - aiden

This game is totally fictional! It's written from the perspective of a character I made up.

I'm glad you liked it Froey!

Yeah that's the end of the game!

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Oh no! What happens when you try to run it? And are you on windows or mac?

Edit: Other people aren't having this problem, my guess is that windows defender caught it and you need to click Run Anyway.. Tell me if that works!

This was really good. I love your art style so much, it's perfectly weird and creepy for a game like this. Like the contrast between the trans friend looking cute and the FEED store was such a trans feeling.