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Lily :P

A member registered Nov 07, 2020

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that's a cool game!

I'm so confused but it was really creepy... especially those red messages.

It was weird but I love it lol

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On my 2nd try, only the old man liked me :D I need to make them hate me.... somehow

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I just finished downloading it to my phone. I'll edit this comment after playing! brb!

Edit: I love this😌❤️

Really loved this! I did all of their endings(?) !  Looking forward to the rest of the game! :)

I loved this! I need to practice those games :') I kept failing so I had to do it in easy mode (for the "Start Andria" and "Start Edwina")

Anyway, I'm also looking forward to the full release!

No doubt the best short game I've ever played!

I'll be looking forward to your new games!❤

I really loved this! Those mazes though 😭 It was difficult yet it was fun. I started playing in the afternoon but I only finished it the next morning because I used up all the hints a few hours after playing lol    anyways,

Great game!

I couldn't pay because I don't have that much money. Gomen