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True, true.

As for singleplayer, I was thinking a bigger map and the monster is controlled by an AI, but then I realised that

1) That doesn't sound very fun, and most importantly :

2) I do not know how to code a decent AI

Love it, though I'm bad at chess apparently...

Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah, forgot that little detail, it's definitely a multiplayer game :X though now that you say it, making a singleplayer part does sound interesting...

Sounds, yes, that's what I never do. And as for player interection, that's a good idea, but I feel like it would be easy to cheese the game or just block one of the player... Still, you've given me some stuff to think about.

Love it, super polished and super addictive; h o w e v e r :

- I noticed that skill's cooldown still went down when I had to chose which one to upgrade, so I'd just wait a little to choose until all the cooldowns were done.

- Wish I could see how much time was left for the sword powerup.

Those are literally the only nitpicks I can think of, this game is simple but awesome!

Thanks! Though it's not really "the end" yet, I'm still working on it!