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"What's the Suss?" made me instantly think of among us and im fucking shaking right now p;ease

For some reason the game is in french by default, i have no idea why

You might wanna work on putting some invisible barriers above the buildings. i was able to fall down onto another building during the last part and just walked out into the graveyard and got softlocked

i'll make sure to try it on my good computer then :)

might need to work on optimization. tried running it on a browser and it froze the computer and then crashed

10/10 elden ring but awesome

Hey, I was wondering where the Blacksmith’s house key is since I looked all around the town and couldn’t seem to find it. Is it hidden somewhere obscure or is it outside the town somewhere?

ah, i see. Makes more sense now, lol

I tested it twice and put 20 points into muscle; the scale menu also doesn’t seem to work for some reason

I don’t think I’m using a skin and I’m not really sure how the fat/muscle ratio works since there’s no indication of which side is more fat and which side is more muscle

Ah, I see. Thank you.


I think this game looks great and has great potential, but the main part of the game doesn't seem to work (at least on the free version). Growing your character doesn't seem to add any muscle mass or bustiness, even if you put all of your points into it. Is this a bug you're working on fixing or is this a problem on my end somewhere?

just what i need to keep the gold-plated diamond-encrusted roof over my head

Man, hyperinflation is crazy.



I've noticed that when trying to contain one of the first anomalies, I have enough researchers to contain the object,  but it tells me I "need more resources". Is this a bug or do I need something else?

Ah, okay. I think I understand what I'm meant to do now, thanks!


Unfortunately it seems like the link you put in the first puzzle has no actual domain. I'm not really sure what to do from here.

I Love My Daddy!™

oh god. oh man. i really don't like this (in a good way)

No problem! This is your project so take your time to finish what you want to finish.

Thank god.

I'm not the kind of guy to ping people randomly, didn't realize there was a Discord server for this

But what if I don't want to buy an NFT?

for some reason I can't post more than one screenshot, so here's the second of the three I have:

Hi sevencrane!

Just testing out the new patch and I noticed a few problems with the web version, these being:

A: None of the enemies have animations for some reason, they're stuck in T-Pose even if they're moving

B: When I tried to save at the shrine after getting the Shrine Hack module this happened: 

Enjoying the game, but Hard Mode is incredibly difficult and annoying just because of the power bar cooldown and the fact that it doesn't auto charge once it reaches 0 while it's turned off. Sometimes it's just impossible to avoid the monster because he comes right back to you immediately but the power bar is still going down. I'm not sure how to avoid that. 

Another thing is that while the CRT monitor scanline filter is pretty interesting, it doesn't necessarily make it creepy. The game isn't all that scary and I feel like the addition of another system you have to maintain and/or a more creepy approach to the monster would be really helpful. The jumpscare isn't even very jumpscare-esque. The game basically tells you when a jumpscare is incoming and the noise/face aren't very scary either.

While I understand that this game is pretty barebones and minimal, and is very early in development, I feel like adding an environment around the screen would add a lot to the horror factor. Some kind of small, cramped crawlspace, where you can see shadows from the room above you through vents, or like a small room sealed off with emergency doors that the entity tears open when it finds you would be pretty cool.

In conclusion: The game seems a little too based on chance to succeed, the jumpscare, fear factor, and gameplay needs a little more "oomph", and the environment could be a lot better.

Even though there's some problems, I genuinely enjoyed this game and found it very fun to 100% the achievements. Please keep developing this game, I can't wait to see where it goes.

An elephant never forgets.

And I'll never forget this song, very very cool! I liked how the story told itself with almost no words.

Amazing little racing game, very responsive controls, fun to play and beat! I 100%'d all the tracks, getting all the coins AND first place was very hard on Funland... :P 10/10 very good game


I love this game, but there's no way it's not rigged. I keep getting Vampire cards the first time I flip one, something's rigged against me and I can feel it.

very hard on trackpad, you have to hold alt to right click which causes all sorts of problems

Finished the game, had a ton of fun!

Cool experience, lots of secret bits.


I really enjoyed this and even went back and tried to 100% it. The later levels were frustrating, but I tried to complete every level on at least Vanish mode.

well there you go

did you look at the controls section or read the description at all?

holy shit what an amazing game, terrified me completely, 10/10  couldn't get to the end tho

no problem always happy to help 

Wow! What a good game! Really cool puzzles, didn't realize that I was supposed to be helping the uploader until the door video lol, but the puzzles were super cool! I think a full-length version of this game or a game with a similar concept would be super awesome.

just get better at the game lmao