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thank you :)

thank you :)

i did not use a tutorial :). i used and you don't have to code anything  and  the engine has a very user-friendly interface

thank you for playing and for the advice! 

I'm sorry about that. bitsy 3d's cam sucks but I can't fix it and the movement is grid-based because it's just a 2d engine rendering faux-3d

nice game! i love the way the people jump out its so funny XD great job!

sorry about the length. bitsy is for making small games I stretched it to its limit

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you must have speed runed it XD

You have to keep going right in the first few rooms because they are basically cutscenes! :3 thank you for the high rating :3

I'm sorry that you couldn't hear it. thank you tho :)

i love this

thank you!

I already had the patch files I just needed to upload them you could have given me five minutes :)

I did a huge crunch last night to make the deadline and I accidentally forgot to add an exit in the game. Please unlock update so I can fix this please please unlock update so I can fix this please. No one can play my game correctly if I can't fix it

Thank you I'm fixing this immediately :3

If you're talking about after he gets squished you have to exit the cave.the last room is where the Bears and Nightingale live in harmony :3

nothing does ;)

I'm planning in my game that the main character accidentally squishes a bear under a rock would that be considered too violent? My games are 8 bit. It's also supposed to be more comedic.

thank you!

thank you and its only was only supposed to give a double click!

that is how the code works it takes input to update :)

pretty :3

Good luck everybody! :3

its called inflict. the link to their game is

the team that made Inflict is 6 different people

. you can even see it on their submission page

thank you :3

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thank you


thank you :3

idk :3

i love this game :) i love the music too! :)

cool :)

why is there two games from the same dev?



how do i change the name of my station?

thank you :)

thank you!