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Yes that is what it means :3

OK :3

Sorry my phone died. I just did, sorry for the wait :3

thank you :3

thank you :3

thank you :3 I tried to make the path more streamlined so it was harder to  get lost

Thank you and yes I do need to improve my writing skills :3

thank u :3

Well there's a secret nobody has yet to find yet ;)

thank you :3

thank you :3


Thank you for making such a great game

this game is a perfect mix of great game design and strong emotions. it had me in tears. great job :)

thank you :)

谢谢您,  对于我使用翻译器时出现的任何拼写错误,我们深表歉意

thank you and yes u is ded

也许 :)

so cute! :) look at him go!!!

thank you :)

awww thank you!

thank you <3

That was awesome! I love the art and the fast paced gameplay reminded me of pacman. my heart was racing when the child saw me!

thank you <3

This game was so relaxing, I love the use of colors <B

this game was so cute. i love the art <B

his tomatoes will, they always do :)

ofcourse! you have to take a right there is a path :) thank you btw

thank you so much

i absolutely love this game! The art style is so crisp just like autumn leafs


That was amazing! I love your use of the terminals to tell the story. also It's nice to see someone enthusiastic about the bitsy engine

thank you :)

thank you :)

i did not use a tutorial :). i used and you don't have to code anything  and  the engine has a very user-friendly interface

thank you for playing and for the advice! 

I'm sorry about that. bitsy 3d's cam sucks but I can't fix it and the movement is grid-based because it's just a 2d engine rendering faux-3d

nice game! i love the way the people jump out its so funny XD great job!