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WOOOOOOOOOOOO ITS OUT!! OMG??? I'm so excited to meet Horror!Sans but also REAPERTALE TOO???? AAAHHHH this is such a treat!!!!!! <3

Darkpetal16: posts new update or game
Me: everyone get out of the way, this is now the most important thing in my life

for real though I loved this so much ldkgjlkjdlfkg AHHHHHH heart eyes heart eyes HEART EYES!!!!!!!!!

Hey I just got the same problem lol! On the page where you HAVE to choose to throw the pages away - don't choose, just wait!

I'm sure it'll get fixed once the author has time! Shit happens, coding games isn't easy, lol 😄

So um... I was really excited about it, but once I reached the end of WD's route, it tells me I got the ending, but there's no link to get to the bonus scenes or anything, lol!

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New WD bonus scene??? Excuse me as I immediately go through the game again! 😍

So uh. I found the other games first. And then I saw this, and saw it was completed. And I was super down to play it. And obviously I had to romance Sans.

Hoooooo boy. First of all I was near tears about being able to leave flowers - and make flowers! - for everyone. I really liked the writing of the game in general, too.

But boy oh boy. I am here, 4am, actually crying and sobbing. I was already so happy I could bring some company and some happiness to Sans' life, but the reset? Got me breaking down (in a positive way).

This was beautiful. I'm looking forward to your future works too. 💚

This was so cute!!! Struggled to find the cigarettes lol but I love the style and I love the twist. Had a great time!

Gosh, I played this a long while ago - I'm going back to review all games I forgot to review - and I need to replay this again! It was so much fun trying to figure out the perfect item for everyone, and I love the character designs!!

I have no experience with Vampire The Masquerade, but I enjoyed this nonetheless! I'm a huge fan of the pixelated look, and the multiple endings were a touch I always enjoy! This was a lovely experience!

As someone else said, if someone leaves the train while you're in their menu, the game bugs out, and you can't get out of the menu unless you lose, which is a shame :( But apart from that, I love love LOVE this game!! Honestly if that one bug was fixed, I could play this for hours on end!

Cute, but I was expecting more out of it. I played the apk version so my opinion comes from that - but why are there two buttons that don't even work?

With a bit of work, it could be a bigger game that I would absolutely love to play, and would even pay for. As it is, it's barely a couple minutes of play. Still cute though, and I do like the different endings!

My completionist self is going crazy. PLEASE, someone tell me how to get Ending 1 - it's killing me

This is SO GOOD. I loved it!! It was so much fun!!! I'd love a full-on game about this. Different days with each different type of calls. I would buy it!!

It ends really abruptly and it took me off guard. But I like the idea, and the mechanics!! I thought there was a story building up, so I was sad when I found out it was shorter than I imagined, but I enjoyed it a lot. Having random info on people was cute and fun.

All in all, lovely fun game!

I... I'm in near tears.

I just finished playing for the first time. I... I didn't expect to be shown that at the end. I don't want to leave spoilers for those that want to play, although it's pretty short, but... I... said yes to everything, and to be shown that...



This was interesting, cute, and absolutely sweet! I liked the ending a lot. I played this on my phone while laying in bed, stressed and lonely, and it brightened up my day. I loved it!