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A gorgeous exploration; the method of tally marking gave me the most intense chills as the story progressed.

I gave it a run last night as my first solo journaling TTRPG experience, and I'm so glad to have started here! I definitely would like to do another run in the future; very much appreciate how vague the objects are for interpretation.

Absolutely fantastic! Did a short session last night, and within the first two tiles I was already well on my way to exploring this little world. The feature table and descriptive words are a perfect balance of specificity, while being vague enough for interpretation. I'd personally would have liked a way to generate the descriptors through rolls rather than it being a consumable list, but that's also considering I played solo and I'm bad at making decisions on my own hehe.

Works great as an artistic excercise too; would love to organize something with pals to collaborate over a Drawpile type server sometime.