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Lily bun

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Thank you, too!! You're very kind! But no need to worry, I won't forget about you!

I thoroughly enjoyed playing the game, and the jumpscare took me by surprise. However, I feel frustrated as I upload my video with only two out of the three possible endings. Despite my attempts, I couldn't manage to unlock the final ending. Has anyone else discovered how to achieve it?

I must say, the game was absolutely fantastic! The seamless continuation and acknowledgment of the characters from the first game only added to it. And let me tell you, when they referred to someone as having a "silver tongue," I finally understood what that meant!

I understand, and I look forward to seeing your progress!

Oh? A different game? I can't wait to learn more about it!

Oh my! I should start now! I have numerous new episodes to catch up on. I'm looking forward to trying out your new game; I'm sure it's going to be amazing!

I can't wait to see how this continues!
Do you have a date when it will be released? 

But why did it have to scream like that!?!?

Their love is eternal...

Today, I realized that I haven't watched enough episodes of The Simpsons. My community now playfully teases me for not knowing all the voice lines.

...The ending really got me!

I played the game before the update and I'm definitely going to give it another try now that it's been updated. I really enjoyed it, but it also gave me the creeps!

I must admit that I'm not very good at these types of games, but I thoroughly enjoyed playing yours! The FNAF-style gameplay was fantastic, even though it proved to be quite challenging for me.

I was able to experience all three endings and I feel that the "going home" ending would be my personal preference as well. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the game and found the jumpscare to be quite exciting!

I have to say, I had a good time playing the game, but I kind of wish there was more to do. Still, the story was really great!

I had so much fun playing this game! It really made me want to run away! I loved how it incorporated elements from other games but still managed to make it special with its own twist.

Another fantastic game! I really enjoyed this and the va's did an incredible job adding to the atmosphere of the game! 

The game was fantastic! I wasn't expecting this at all!! I would love to see more of or more like this game!

Really enjoyed your game! The videos had me leaning into the screen trying to pay attention and hurry before the voices got any louder!

I enjoyed this game, just wish the crawling mechanism was a little different. 

I wish I had done more research into this game before making my video. I left out so much information!! I loved the game, though, and really enjoyed the music!!

This game was not what I was expecting! I enjoyed the ending for not doing as you are told; it left me with many questions!! I look forward to seeing your next game! 

This game had me yelling and screaming! I'm terrified of mannequins on a good day, let alone when they MOVE!! 

I really enjoyed it! I'm bad at following directions, so I first missed that, but overall, I really enjoyed it! As always, I love your games and can't wait to see who we get to meet next! 

This game frustrated me, scared me, and then, ultimately, had me dying of laughter! Thank you! 

I tell you something, some of these lines... left me questioning why ANYONE would let them in! lol 

Watching from the shadows! I enjoyed finding the other endings, and getting the chance to start just before the chase was convenient and made getting the other ending easier; thank you!

For making this game in just 48 hours, you did a fantastic job!

I loved the signs in the house; they were so sweet! I enjoyed the game and can't wait to see what else you are able to create! 

Sending all the best wishes to you and your family; I hope you are able to reach your goal! 

I really enjoyed the twists of this game! It was thrilling to have the opportunity to encounter the antagonist before attempting to escape. The experience gave me goosebumps!

I really enjoyed this game! However, in my final thoughts, I noted a couple of things that could be improved upon. Plus, I think I may have accidentally broken the gate. Not sure if that was supposed to happen, but overall, I'm really looking forward to seeing what other great things you have in store!

I've never played a game like this before, and it kicked my butt. I never realized how terrible my memorization skills were! I've been playing more and more, trying to get better, determined to beat this game! I really enjoyed it.

This game was not what I was expecting. However, the ending had me running and laughing!

I enjoyed playing this game and was pleasantly surprised by the twist ending! I'm excited about the possibility of seeing more of this game in the future!

Thank you, too!

This game did not end the way I thought it would, and I love it! I see you are already working on a new game, really excited to check that one out too!!

I really enjoyed this game. There are a few suggestions and comments I shared at the end of the video but overall I really enjoyed this game and the ability to squish the spiders!

I really wish I had listened and played this earlier! It looks sweetly twisted and I can't wait to check out the full release! 

There were some changes I mentioned but overall, I liked the games. Love the fact it has personal touches from your father and brother! Look forward to seeing what you come out with next!

I've not played a game like this before and it's fantastic! I should have assumed it was going to be a car that was going to hunt me down but for some reason, I just wasn't ready. Look forward to seeing what else you do with this game!