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Lilium Parade

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Hey there, thanks for your comment!

We're glad that you enjoyed this silly little project we made!

Definitely don't mind you doing a let's play of it, seeing people's reactions to our creation is really enjoyable. I have personally not had the chance to watch yours yet, and I'm posting this reply right before going to bed, but I'll definitely give it a watch later!

~ Darkklaw

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Hey there, I actually saw your video and commented on it before seeing this comment here, fun to see you decided to leave a reaction!

First of all I wanna thank you once again, on behalf of our entire team, for giving this little project a try. It was a blast to make it and a blast to watch you enjoy our work! We did indeed create this in approximately a month, although we already had sort of a basis for the characters since they are based on real people within our community or their already established personas, and the music was made before this project. I'm amazed by how well received this seems to be among people who don't get the inside jokes surrounding these people.
Whether or not Lily made it back... let's just have faith in Aya's words, right? I noticed you didn't get past the "congratulations" screen, after which there was still a short epilogue. Did you happen to catch that off-camera?

Given the limited time we had to get this done in time for Valentine's, we unfortunately did not have the chance to include multiple routes to try your luck with the other girls. We haven't fully decided on future plans yet, but the other members of the team and I would love to create something more. Whether it will be another short and sweet story, possibly in the same universe with these characters making a return, or maybe a longer, completely separate story with original characters, we haven't decided yet. Unfortunately, I also can't give any indication of when this will be, since this was done completely in free time, which is unpredictable, and of course it would depend on the scale of our next project.

Thanks for the support, let's see what the future brings us all!

~ Darkklaw

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Thanks for your comment! We did go over the script multiple times to try and clean up as many errors as we could find, but it's definitely possible that some mistakes were missed, especially during our tense unification later on. As for the voice option in preferences, that is an option included there by default when using the Ren'Py engine, and I didn't think to look into removing unnecessary options.

- Darkklaw