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thank youu!

I have uploaded the last builds I'm going to do for awhile. I am taking a vacation for a bit so I won't be checking here as much. Read the latest update for more details

there's a few, mostly items you can get for your apartment, but i mostly just forgot about that while writing it. if/when i come back to developing it more i'll see if i can find more opportunities to

which area is the wallet in? i'll try to get to it before i put out the last update for now

i made it so it keeps screenshotting every frame the button is held down so i could make .gifs easier, i can change it to just doing it once on keypress if you want next update tho

i uploaded a new build that should fix both of these, let me know if you try- you may need to start a new save file due to additions in the equipment system tho

hey it's mostly just something i hadn't spent the time to add, the latest build has the feature to manually set equipment levels by pressing on '-' and '+' buttons below items, but unfortunately you'd have to start a new save due to the weird scaffolding i built to do this. i might add some vendors so you can sell off excess equipment before i take a vacation as well, but we'll see.

anyway should've added it sooner but lemme know if it works if you get around to it

yeah sorry i haven't had a chance to do any testing of the linux builds, i felt obligated to include them but i hope it's working alright!

i have these both fixed now, i'll make sure to upload it tomorrow

thank youu

yeah the changes with lighting are unfortunate, i am going to work on updates for another week or so then take a break for awhile, but before i take off i'm going to take a day to restore the lighting + materials of the original version as an optional 'bedazzled' build, so keep an eye out for that by next week.

i really appreciate it- so much time was spent just zooming in the unity camera continuously piling on more dense junk on every surface- making all the models and doing that took up a ridiculous amount of the developmenttime, but im glad it sounds like the dense wonderland of junk to piss on came alive for you. i hope to do more updates eventually just to add more goofy bits, collectible junk, and broken out of bounds areas onto the heap...

thank you! glad to hear it!

thank you it means a lot knowing

totally, glad to hear it! enjoy the sheep

do you have the most recent build? i think secret sheep city should be fixed as of yesterday, but if its the most recent one still i'll look into it. not sure what could be going on with the mask but i'll check on that as well before next version i upload

aw thanks im glad to hear!

thank you kindly!

just posted a new build, i think secret sheep city should work now

i just posted a new build, i tested it by quitting and restarting at various points with diff dracs, and it seems to all work now- if its still giving you trouble let me know, sorry bout thatt

im still not sure exactly what the deal with the draculas is but ill try to figure it out before i post another build later today

aw thanks, i'm glad to hear its been a worthwhile heap to crawl about in!!

if you can jump/trampoline piss up there's a structure above there, i'll try and put something special up there before i stop working on it

thank you, i know why it's happening i'll try to post a build to fix tomorrow

there is no end to the piss

thank you, i appreciate it!! also if you are referring to the undermall basement, it may be shocking, but it serves to illustrate the archaeologist lifecycle.. they spontaneously generate from ruins, the lore maestros claim...

i went ahead and uploaded new builds, let me know if either of these are still giving you trouble

i messed with it some, let me know- in crowded rooms it'll probably still have some slowdown but i got crashes to stop on my end at least, so if there's anything causing problems still i'll keep at it. it's a bit weaker- i might boost the damage the bombs do at lower levels although they're still good for clearing lots of small objects

ill try and post another build before the nights out- i managed to fix the first, the player isn't effected by the conveyor belt now, i don't know how i forgot about it but you're not supposed to stick to it, it's only because i'm using a physics-enabled player now.. there's a lot of things in this game i added years ago and just forgot about or only now realize don't play nice with newer things i've added since, so uh sorry about that!!

as far as the area transitions, is it only ones with teleporters? like the UFO or Pit or stuff? if so its probably just cuz the arms makes your characters trigger collider bigger, so the distance you spawn works fine if it's a normal size but not if you are already touching the teleport- if not i'll have to take a closer look, but i'll try to solve for the first part at least.

you're welcome to ask riley to post it, i know some of the tracks are posted here:

yeah i think this might be the basis of a handful of the errors ive run into, im not really sure what it is since it doesnt return an error in editor or in the logs but i noticed the same with the 'pit' area which had bomb-throwing characters and would inexplicably crash, and i think this might be why. i hadn't been able to find anything consistent about those crashes though so this helps a lot, i'll try and figure out what exactly is at the base of it

what issues are you experiencing? after playing with it awhile i havent seen anything glitchy with the arms so far, which gives me the impression its probably something weirdly specific. anyway sorry about problems but hopefully can pinpoint it soon

yeah go wild, anything you want to do with them is fine with me

ill try and figure it out soon, i dont know if im going to post a build today but ill put it on my checklist and let you know when i do

before i stop on this i will try to add some way to manually change item lvl, apologies

the sound should be fixed, i need to figure out how to set a max velocity or something but that shouldnt be too hard, ill try to figure it out before i stop working on it

i think it should be fixed now

these should both be fixed in the latest version

thank you

aw aha thank you, i will just think of the cat

i think the most recent build should fix both of these