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ok, well i'm trying to figure out literally anything it could be so i'll let you know if we solve it, but i'm rly glad it seems like the fix worked for now at least!! thank you for choosing the world of gilgamesh ii...!

also talked with zoe about it, she was curious what platform you're playing it on / are you playing in Wine? i've never encountered the bug myself in windows, but she has running the game in Wine, and encountered it a couple times, so if its platform-specific or something that might help us figure it out!! anyway hope its not too much trouble but yea lemme know!

hey, sorry to hear!! i know my gf had the same problem and she wrote a solution she found in her guide:

troubleshooting:  if it suddenly becomes that you can't spawn anything or put any items on the ground etc., and it perists through all your saves, what i've found works is to start a new game, get to the point where you can put something on the ground, do so, save, then return to the title screen and load your previous game 

i've been trying to figure out a fix but its been totally mystifying me!! ive never encountered anything like this before, but i'll keep at it, sorry it's been causing you problems but hopefully this is at least a temporary fix!

not really, therres always room for "horsey ii" or at least some horsey expansion packs though.. hope the horsey been treatin you well

Thank you for choosing our software.

hey i mean thanks for digging it up n making a clip, i wasnt sure where it was so i appreciate it!

aw thanks!! yeah i mean we were just havin fun goofin off haha, glad you enjoyed

hey dang sorry to hear, can you send the error msg or a screenshot?

(from zoë) Hi, thanks!! I put up new Song of Homunculus builds that shouldn't have that issue—we actually fixed it during preliminary IGF judging but I forgot to put the builds up here. ;^^ Let me know if you're still having any issues and I'll take another look.

Thankfully I'm not doing too badly from the arthritis at least right now; I'm seeing a doctor regularly and the stuff we've been able to get from this fundraiser has really gotten me back on my feet at least at home. It's been really sweet that people have been so willing to help out. Thanks and I hope you enjoy the game ^___^

which 4 did you get? there's one that's pretty hidden in the historical re-enactor area- if you turn right just before the door to the "employee's only" room, there should be one coin you can see thru a window into an an otherwise inaccessible room

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(from zoë) Hi, thanks for the report! It's definitely not a bother, this kind of information is quite helpful and appreciated ^__^ In this case, we actually happen to be working on both of those parts of the game as I speak :P we should be finished wrapping them up soon and then those issues will be resolved plus there will be more content in both of those places. The hotel section is just not finished in the current build; the shooting star bit is a glitch that doesn't always occur, so you might be able to see the rest of what we have of the ending sequence if you try again (although we also have further plans for the ending beyond what's there now).

(from zoë) Thanks so much, glad to hear you're looking forward to it!! ^^ If you want to keep up with development you can watch my GitHub, especially the crypt_underworldvulkan-notes, and math-work repos (all 3 are part of the dev process). We're doing all right—pretty much the same in a lot of ways. Hope you're doing well too ^^

woww im genuinely touched, thank you!!

aw thanks!! and honestly i've always wanted to expand into the pizza business, you would be helping me greatly so feel welcome to freely distribute it at any and all pizzerias. if it works maybe can finally get a licensing deal to include bessttsy city comics in the childrens menu. anyway heres to dreaming!

ahaa at the time i figured nobody would spend the like 30+ minutes to walk over the edge but since you're the third person to show me otherwise, maybe i should just keep adding more and more past it!

Hey- I might be forgetting some but I save all my textures in .png and after checking I didn't see anything else at least!

i pride myself on my cushions

thanks!! ill keep on making garbage til i explode!!

id like to think of it as my answer to Dark Messiash of Might and Magic. what can i say.

day and night go on forever!


(from zoë) thanks so much, that's really sweet of you! ^__^ i hope the pain in your hands gets better too!

thanks im glad!!!

thanks!! what can i say, i love putting texture on cube

ahaa well theres always the next game... here's to dreamin!!

thank you. yeah you should do it id love to see any more fragment worlds ppl make!!! always good to have more fragments on the heap.

(from zoë) awww thanks so much!! i'm glad you love crypt worlds so much, i'll make sure lily knows ^^ hope you enjoy!!

(from zoë) thanks, it's our pleasure!! i hope you enjoy ^__^

(from zoë) thank you!! ^__^ i'm sure we will :P

(from zoë) thanks, i hope you enjoy!! ^__^ i do too—i've had a couple appts by now but still have yet to see a rheum, the coronavirus is making things harder :/ it's happening bit by bit though

(from zoë) awww thank you!!! i'm so glad ^__^

(from zoë) thanks so much!!! it's totally our pleasure, i hope you enjoy ^__^

(from zoë) One of my friends actually got me a keyboard with very light linear switches the other day—I wanted to try it out for a bit to make sure it would work but so far it's still working pretty well so I think I'm probably good for now. I crossed it off the list for the time being. Thanks so much for the offer though, it's very sweet of you ^__^ If I start to feel like this keyboard isn't working out after all I'll let you know.

One thing I probably will need to get is some kind of arcade-stick-type game interface, because I still can't really stand to hold down the buttons on this board for long and I'm having little luck with gamepads either. Makes it hard to playtest stuff :/ I might just get a soldering iron and try to make my own since that seems like the cheapest approach.

Thanks for sending it!

Hooray, I'm so glad! Enjoy!!

You can totally delete the installer, that shouldn't be an issue. Uninstalling Visual Studio itself should be okay too if you want to do that. I'm not sure if my speculation about breaking changes in Windows is correct or if the Visual Studio installer installed a needed dependency; if it is a dependency issue, uninstalling Visual Studio might remove that dependency, although I would be kind of surprised. If you uninstall Visual Studio and the game stops working, I would suggest installing the latest Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for your architecture, which is currently this one in your case. I think it should just stick around if Visual Studio installed it, though.

Also, in case it was a matter of breaking changes in Windows, it would be lovely if you'd be willing to email me the version of `GetFileSize.dll` you built. That way, if anyone else has this problem and it does seem to be an issue with recent versions of Windows, I can provide them with that version of the library.

64-bit should be fine (unless you have a very particular reason for suspecting that)—that DLL should work on 32-bit and 64-bit architectures. You're running a more recent version of Windows than the library was compiled on, though, and I do wonder if something changed in an update that's causing problems. I would be kind of surprised, since it's very a simple library and Microsoft is pretty attentive to backwards compatibility, but if you're willing to build the library on your end it would be great to rule that possibility out.

The easiest way would probably be to install Visual Studio Community, then download this source archive and extract it wherever you like. If you then open the extracted GetFileSize directory and double-click on `GetFileSize.sln`, it should open in Visual Studio. From the menu bar, select Build -> Rebuild Solution. You should then be able to find the file `GetFileSize.dll` in the `Release` directory within `GetFileSize`. Replace `SongOfHomunculus/lib/GetFileSize.dll` with this new file, then try running ~Song of Homunculus~ and see if anything changes.

I can also walk you through using mingw if you would prefer not to install Visual Studio. If this seems like too much work, also, let me know and we can try a different tack.

Thanks for checking! Would you be willing to also let me know the version number of Windows you're running? There are instructions here if needed.

(from zoë) No worries, you're right to bring this to our attention! I probably won't be able to get back to you until this evening, but in the meantime, is that file (`GetFileSize.dll`) at the specified location (`C:\Users\Paul\Downloads\Song Of Homunculus\lib\`)? To get there easily, you should be able to open a File Explorer window (press Win+E), copy and paste that `C:\Users\...` path into the bar near the top of the window that says "Quick Access", then press Enter. Feel free to reply with a screenshot if you're not sure of anything.

(from zoë) yah i'm still waiting on rheum, we'll have to see what they say…the immune suppression stuff is kinda scary but my immune system isn't working so great rn anyway so :/ i recently got an infection bad enough to leave a scar from a cut so tiny i didn't notice it for like half an hour…at that point i'm like, i guess it's squandering the resources it has attacking my cartilage and stuff anyhow

(from zoë) thank you! and yeah, that's an interesting idea—the graphics are lily's wheelhouse so she would be the one to do something like that probably, we talked about it some but i'm not sure how comfy she would be doing it…we'll definitely think about it though, there might be a way we could work together on it to make the process doable