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I fall in love ith this game, the characters, the stories, the graphics, the music, ... everything is beautiful and make me love this game.

I love Lucette and her change, I made Rod's storyline in one night (goodbye my sweet sleep), Karma's in one day (just after Rod's xD), and I will do Rumpel's, Fritz's, and Waltz's because I know they are as much amazing. 

At the beginning I wanted to do Fritz's immediatly because I love this character and I'm glad I couldn't because for now Rod's storytline is my favorite, and his character...oh my god so cute.

I want to say that the graphics are so beautiful too, no, not beautiful, amazing, axesome, magnificent. The curses are also really interesting and intelligently brought/logical (sorry I'm french and I don't know how to say that they suit perfectly the characters (I think I just found a way to say it xD) ).

Finally, I would like to thank you making this game, and to say "Well done" ;)

EDIT : I did all storylines and here goes my ranking : 

1-Waltz (This one is both interesting and lovely, Waltz overtook everyone, and Lucette's actions were cooler)

2-Fritz (It was hard to choose between this one and the following one but the bad end made the difference, oh and just wanna say I knew it was him)

3-Rod (I don't have enough words to say how much this storyline is beautiful)

4-Karma (OMG the end... and he took my heart so fast)

5-Rumpel (he was cute and the storyline good but were not my type)

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J'ai adoré votre jeu et ses multiples fins, c'est vraiment original contrairement aux jeux bateaux et j'adore les petites touches de cynisme ^^

Sinon il me manque encore quelques fins et je suis un peu bloquée...mais je vais persévérer ! Il me manque la 1, 6, 19, et 25, si vous pouviez me donner des pitits indices ce serait bien, du genre vers quel type de comportement je dois aller ?

En tous cas je vous remercie d'avoir créé ce jeu, je l'adore !

SPOILER ALERT: (je dévoile une des fins après ce disclaimer)

Je suis morte un nombre incalculable de fois par contre xD