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yay, I beat haxor 1337

Wow, this game sure freaked me out. Great job man! Scared me by me just reading some text and trying to type is as fast as I can. This makes me wanna get better at typing.

The camera angle should be adjustible with the right joystick.

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I really enjoy this game. The Difficulty is just right. Guns are fun to use and pretty balanced.The furthest I've gotten so far is level six. One thing though, when you're in the game and you pause, there's a button to start the game. I clicked that the first time because I thought that'd resume the game.You might wanna change that so it resumes the game instead of restarting it. You also might wanna add a save feature.

This game is really fun to play. I like the artstyle and music. Some of the cursors are so cute/well made that I'd love to use them for my actual computer. It'd be cool if our decisions could change the dialogue instead of it just being random. For instance, when that one guy sends a birthday party invitation to the kid that (I assume) rats on him. If we don't send it, the party goes great and the guy asks why the other kid didn't show up. That would add another layer to the game which would really improve the game.

Yeah, your hand get used to it eventually. Initially I felt a bit cramped.

Running with left shift is kinda awkward. Also, controller support soon?

That's the way uh huh uh huh I LIKE IT! uh huh uh huh

It'd be nice if you'd use the new textures.

turn off sticky keys

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I beat the game in 12:32. Very fun, needs more diversity though. Would love if there was a soundtrack always playing. Great game, keep it up! 9/10