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It is a bit short, but I really enjoyed it! I love rpg horror games so this was right up my alley. Love the artwork and the story.

I gave it a shot! It was fun and interesting. I was hoping there would have been a bit more of a story line to it, but maybe I didn't play for long enough. Curious to know if there is any more to this game!

That was fun! I love a good rpg maker game. For a first time that was really good. I like the whole atmoshpere.

This was such an amazing game! Loved the wayit looks and how the story progressed. It definitely took a turn to something I didn’t expect.

The jumpscares got the best of me and I didn't make it very far. Still enjoyable.

i gave up. That’s all.

That was so much weird and fun at the same time 

egg gang for the win

It took a while for me to get the hang of the game completely, but once I did I honestly had to force myself to stop playing because it was so addicting!

that was so fun!

that was so fun! The puzzles weren’t really hard, but I still had a good time l. Loved the style of it as well. Would love to see more of this.

This game was so much fun I love love love love love dogs.

This was so much fun all though platformer games tend to make me rage a lil.

it was fun, but challenging at times. Definitely got my blood boiling a bit.

I absolutely adored this game! It was so fun. Kind of took me a while with some of the puzzles but that’s definitely on me. I had such a good time. Made a little video about it! I can’t wait to see more of your work.

I’ve had so much fun with this!

that was so fun! I managed to find quite a lot of them, but after a while I was completely lost. Love the message and just the whole game in general.

I made a little video! I loved the art style so so so so much. That was interesting.

This game was so much fun! A little stressful but overall a fun, little game. I would love to see more of it.


I played this game on my channel! The outcome was quite surprising. Might try it again and choose more things that actually describe me better. I still enjoyed it though!

That was pretty fun!

That was so interesting! I managed to save the parents, but I didn’t figure out who actually did it. It left me feeling like I barely scratched the service of this place and I kind of want to go back into it. 

One thing that was bugging me a bit though was the slow text and I don’t know if there is any way to change it. It might just be me though.

Anyway I really enjoyed it and made a lil video about it which turned out longer than I expected (bare with me I still have a cold.)

I made a lil video about it! It was pretty funny, I had a good laugh.

I made a little video about it and it was hilarious! I would love to see a full on game of this with a lot more things to explore and a lot more things to do. It was really fun.

I played this game for my channel and I absolutely loved it! It is so cute and I love all the artwork and the two little characters. 

I played the game a few days ago and I really enjoyed it! I loved all the different choices and how it could change the story, or that was what it felt like at least. It was interesting and something I had never really played before.

I really enjoyed this game. It was really funny and I would love to see more laws and questions.  I made a video, became a little longer than I expected, but I had a really good laugh.

It's been quite a while. I have never gotten the chance to play it myself and I finally did and it was really fun. I definitely will play it again and try to beat it next time.

Dystopicon community · Created a new topic Let's play!

I made a little video. I really enjoyed it.

This was such an interesting, little game! I really enjoyed it a lot. I kind of wishedd it was a little bit longer, but it was still really fun.

I loved the style of this game! It was so interesting. I am glad I finally got the chance to play it myself.

That was so interesting! Definitely scared me. I had a good laugh though so I decided to upload a lil video of it!

I had a lot of fun playing this. It was actually quite hard and I probably sucked quite a bit, but I had a good laugh so

I loved it! Definitely didn't scream because of a jumpscare *cough*


I really enjoyed it. It had some funny moments.


I may or may not have screamed because I got hit by jumpscares so bad. Either way, I had a fun time playing it. Will most likely make another part since I enjoyed it a lot. Your games are always really fun to play.