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I hope you don't mind, but I  made a little video about it! It was really fun and I definitely enjoyed myself.

I had a good laugh with this game! Kind of wished it had a different ending, but overall it was still really funny.

I started this series on my channel today and I am really excited! So far this game had definitely reached my expectations, I absolutely love it so far. I can't wait to play more of it.

I am definitely not the best at this game, but I had a lot of fun playing it!

That was amazing! I really enjoyed it.

This game was so much fun! I had a really good time playing it. Made a little vid as well.

I came across this game and it immediately interested me a lot. I made a little video about it and I enjoyed every second of it. The whole experience was a little emotional though.   I am glad you decided to share this game.

That was an interesting experience. Definitely freaked me out a bit. Made a little video of it as well.

I really enjoyed this game a lot! I am definitely not the best at it though. I had a lot of fun playing it though. I made a little video about it, I hope you don't mind!

I made a little vid of this game. I don't think I am necessarily the best at it, definitely not haha, but I still really enjoyed it. Good job. 

This game was hilarious. I sucked at it, in all honesty, but I still had a good time whatsoever.

This game was so amazing! I loved the entire experience. I only struggled a bit with one of the puzzles, the one with the code for the notes, but other than that it was great. I loved the voice acting and just the story in general. 

Made a lil video of this a while ago and it was hilariously frustrating. I  gave up. That's for sure.

That was hilarious. Definitely will try it out again.

I only stumbled across this game now, surprisingly enough, and I really, really enjoyed playing it. The artstyle is amazing and the puzzles were really interesting. I can't wait to see your next project!

I really enjoyed playing this game a lot! It was really interesting and I had a lot of fun discovering the story and just exploring the game in general.