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Absolutely stunning! Love this art style! Please inform me when more comes out and i hope you enjoy my reaction to your game!

Absolutely jumpscared

Loved the simplicity of the jumpscares and killer! Fun little short horror story! Please do check out my video!

As a Markiplier fan, i was and always have been amazed with Lixian as an Editor. I love how you knew when making this game to mix it up with the timing of the jumpscares to even scare me! I loved it and hope you get the opportunity to watch my reaction to your game!

Absolutely did NOT expect there to be actual chase scenarios! Bizarre but amazingly simplisitc uses of the style! Hope to see more from you and keep up the good work! Do hope you get to watch me reaction to your game! 

Absolutely awesome! The puzzles were quite clever and the story was proof that dark humor horror can be a great concept! Thank you and i do hope you check out my video! @Impostersyndrome !

Absoultely Terrifying! I love tese simple horror games that give more focus on the environment! 

Amazing game! The graphics were way better than most games on this site! Amazing set up to the endgame! I screamed and had goosebumps the entire time! Loved it! Please at least check out my reaction and subscribe and comment :)

This game.....gave me a heart attack. The pitch black concept with the single recharge flash camera was so scary! I loved it and cannot wait to see a full game and more content from you! Please check out my video on it and say hi while you are in the video! :D

Loved this concept! please stop by and say hi!

Absolutely enjoyed this SCP GAME! Keep it up and i look forward to playing more content from you guys in the near future! Please drop by and leave a comment! :D

Fun concept! Awesome build up and fun one use jumpscare at the end! Thanks for the fun short game and if i had to give any negative feedback then it would be to integrate some more story to it to scare the reader of the notes! :D Much love! Hope you guys like my reaction!~

Loved the game! I wanna see a continuation of this game! Please let me know what you think of my play through! 5 out of 5!

Loved this game! Hope it actually becomes a full game! :)

Loved the game! Please subscribe and i hope 2 play more of your games in the future!

When you have another one please let me know!

fUN SHORT gAME! Thanks for it and i hopeyou enjoy my take on it! Subscribe if you enjoyed!

Loved the game! Gonna finish it very soon and i hope you enjoyed my take on the game! :) Leave a like or subscribe! :) look forward to more games by you!

Very Much enjoyed this stranger than usual style of game! Please watch my play through of it and please keep up the good work! :D

Loved the video! Enjoyed every second and yes the ps one graphics helped the aura! loved it and hope you like my take on the video!

I just made a video of this! Best game i have played of the Horror genre here on! Would love for you to check me out and see how i reacted to your gameplay sometime! Can't wait for it to have another update!

it is now live


Just played, edited and uploaded a video of your game! Loved your concept my DUDE! Check out the video here and tell me what you think whenever you see it come online in a few days!

by all means do! i play all kinds of indie horror games because to grow you must help other people grow! use any snippet you want. gonna play brutal mode next so i will try to get my name on that board as well!:) thanks for the support and anytime you release any future games my man i would love to play them for you!

i posted my video just now. watch the video and/or skip to the end! thanks man for the response!

I beat your game on Normal Mode. I am a YouTuber by the name of LightshieldCRH and just finished editing the video and it will go live in a bout a week or two! Please get back with me maybe inmy comments sections of my channel and i will post it that day you do so i can have my name put on the board!