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I liked this game, I would definitely recommend to someone who just wants a short game to play quickly. However, I found the default screen shake to be a little too much. Also, for some reason the higher difficulties

didn't really feel any harder. They WERE harder (I died much more frequently on hyper), but for some reason it just didn't feel that way.

Rather fun, unfortunately I'm rather bad at it. Haven't gotten the chance to complete it yet, but I hope to soon.

I didn't get to finish it (didn't catch that it was 5 parts and thought it was much shorter than it was) however what I did play was great. Recommend

Very fun! Took about an hour to beat, and I enjoyed it all the way through.

Lotta fun, I miss those old tycoon games you could buy for your computer and this brought me back

Interesting. Love a good surreal experience.

What a creative concept. Liked this one.

Loved it. This a unique little game, and I had a good time playing it.

Good game. Wish that I had known about it when I was a kid.

Loved it. I saw the movie with my friends a about a year ago and we thought it was weird (but in a good way). I thought your game did a good job of replicating that.

Liked this game. If you got to big it kinda reminded me of Snake where you have to get bigger to survive, but as you do it gets a more and more unyielding. Felt kinda like a fun puzzle trying to get your long caravan out of a tight spot (which I was bad at).

I could do it too. I just need a little practice with blindness.

This is probably the most fun I've had with a random little game I've found on Itch. Loved it.

Scarier than anticipated. The dude who chased me around usually showed up when I least expected him, so he ended up being an unpleasant surprised almost every time.

Yeah it wasn't the game, I remember there being sound. It messed up when I exported the video. So it was Davinci Resolve (my editing software) that messed up. Unfortunately, I had forgotten that I already deleted the unedited version of the video, so I can't retry, so the video will be soundless forever.

No there seems to be straight up no sound, there was sound in my editor but no sound when I uploaded it, weird. Thanks for noticing, I only noticed that there was no sound at the end, but I thought there was just a problem with my outro music, so I added so free to use YouTube music. I'll reupload when I have the chance (no wifi at my house)

Really loved it. I can't wait to see what the full game will look like.

Really cool game. Love the puzzles (even if I'm bad at them). Hope none of these songs are copyrighted.

Brilliant! I've played The Undying Beast and thought that game was great, and somehow you've still managed to outdo yourself with this one. Loved it.

Very good, gave me the creeps. I also took a look at Corpse Ocean which was also great.

I too want muffin, but alas, I'm afraid it might never be.

Yeah, I unfortunately only noticed it after I made this video. I've already made up my mind to play it next year. Looks good, can't wait till then.

Really odd. I liked it. It's the second one in this video.

Creepier than I expected it to be. You did a good job.

I liked it. The concept is a brilliant one. However, my mouse kept not wanting to click on anything. It's the second one in this video.

One of the scariest indie horror games I've ever played. Wish it was longer.

Nice, calm, and relaxing. I had some trouble getting it to start, when I pressed play it would only show a white screen, but I think that was because I was running OBS at the same time. Otherwise, nice game you made here.

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Very good, especially for someone who had such time and money limitations. Hope to see more from you soon.

Pretty good game you got there.  I found it to be rather funny. Too bad I had to be somewhere after I was done recording, so I didn't end up completing the game.

I had great fun with this. I loved annoying the narrator, and answering the questions wrong.

Very good, oddly creepy. Can't wait to finish it. Keep up the good work.

Running fruitless away from a killer is probably one of the most terrifying things one can do. Good job at this. The game starts at 17:58

This game had me on edge. Too bad the file it took from my computer was just a little ms paint drawing I made randomly, so it ended up a bit silly there. Otherwise, great. Starts at 9:58

I can't believe I got got like that. Good job.

Good game. Actually made me feel for the dog. Somehow, I guessed the end, but it didn't click for me until I started editing.

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One of the best horror games I've played on here. I love the atmosphere you created. However, I did get a bug that made it to where I just got a black screen right after the title in the opening. I had to delete the game then redownload it. In the survey you asked something along the lines of knowing about the "real incident". Was this based on some true events? Either way, keep up the good work.

Nice game with a cool concept. I hope to see it fleshed out a bit more in the future, though.