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subscribe! anywaysss, this game was fucking great! If you get confused, press 'Q' on the keyboard

Ill will make sure to record more of yours games, they really get me good!

great job bro!

Plz subscribe, anywayssss, the music singing part scared the living shiz out of me and the door was the scariest part! This game was great!

holy shit, your game was amazing, and would love to record another! It really had me confused, on the edge, and them jumpscares came out of no where

is this your game?

plz subscribe, anywaysssss, the game is on the 2nd half of the video and it was really question if my computer got hacked, youll see what I mean, trust me.

Plz subscribe, anywaysss, it made yell a few times, seriously

plz subscribe, anywayssss, this game was super fun to play, really well made

plz subscribe, anywaysss, This game was really nice and it had me on the edge

Plz Subscribe, anywaysss, this game was extremely scary and made me scream seriously

Plz subscribe, anywaysss, Flander Kills the simpsons is the 2nd game of the video, check it out! It was extremey fun to murder the simpsons

plz subscribe, anywayssss, this game is the best upcoming horror game I have seen!

I made a short horror film using your game! HOPE YALL ENJOY and HAVE AN AMAZING CHRISTMAS- Thank You game developer! Hope you can enjoy this as well!