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Okay it works from the website, just not the desktop app

I'm using the desktop app, maybe it's just not compatible with windows 10?

Download not working

Trikki has to rank them, right?

I finished! Check it out here: Raunchy Roundup

I remember you lol

I'm pretty satisfied rn, working on a main menu right now, got the main physics code down, now I just need to:

Make make a new level or two

Add main gameplay mechanics and more NSFW models/items

Add global leaderboards

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Lmao what's your username?

Well as long as we all have fun doing it I think it's worth it 😁

Sounds good Teamon! Here are some screenshots for my progress:

Why is that? lol

lol I mean I'm not running the jam but it sure sounds appropriate for the jam! I'm thinking of making a quick and funny cleanup game where you have maybe 2-4 different levels to choose from and they're all like house environments and you have to race to clean up all the NSFW items before it's too late and your mom comes to visit lol

I'm Dan, project manager of a VR Horror Game, Brimstone Forest, which is currently live on itch. I think this would be a fun game jam for a side project! Just curious about you guys and who else is working on the project!

The game is really built around VR and as VR becomes less and less niche we're looking to build an audience out of that, it's really fun working and developing VR. That said I'll tell you if we get to developing that non-VR mode!

Hey Gamers Nation, so for this free demo there isn't but if the demo receives enough support then we'll continue working on the game until completion and have a non-VR version of the game.