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Haha. It was supposed to be more sticky than this and there was supposed to be a really gross boss in the end.  Thanks for playing :)

Thank You! We will practice more and maybe next we'll get to the top ten. Thank you so much for the inspiration and taking the time to reply to so many people. See you next jam.

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Okay. This our first jam and we have failed miserably. At least we got a bunch of valuable lessons out of it. See ya guys next jam and by then, we can hopefully make a decent game.

This looks awesome and I would love to see it finished! I think I found a glitch with the bouncy red thing though , it bounced me way too high and now I'm stuck outside the screen and I have no way to get back down. 

I can't believe the first game I touch on this website will get me hooked in. Please never stop development, this is amazing!! Reminds me a bit of osu! Now that I think about it.