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Oh because my character is at level forty but I didn't get the achievement. Is there something I'm missing?

Can it be your player character or does it have to be another character?

This game is amazing. Also if the Uncle turns out to be evil, I will cry because I love him just as much as the princes (not in the same way but still). Seriously, it seems like a fun game and I'm not even done with the demo.

Thank you so much.

I know I asked this on Steam but considering I know for a fact Winter Wolves responds here, I decided to ask here just in case. 

I have nearly all the achievements except for reach level 40 (which is pretty straight forward so no mystery there)  and Dawn of a New Day. 

Considering that through the visual novel mode, I managed to not be turned and be turned into a vampire, I assume that either I made the wrong choice or I need to play regular mode to gain it. 

Either way, if someone could tell me how or least give me a few helpful hints on how to get that achievement that would be great.


Never mind I found them. Little disturbed but interesting twist.

I seem to be missing three gallary pics. So if you walkthrough could include how to get all pics, that be great.

Cursed Lands community · Created a new topic Camp Talk

I was wondering where the camp talk option was? Maybe I missed it or maybe it's not there and I'm only allowed to talk to them in the places they are at. But I'm unsure so please tell me.

Loved this game. But I was curious how many endings are there? I got three but I was wondering if there was more.

I think I might have asked the wrong question. Can Binka and Amara ever come to an understanding? Judging from the fact that you said that when we do see her again, it is possible to mend bridges, I'm gonna say I was getting ahead of myself.

Anyway, thank you for answering and I can't wait to play the full game.

Is there a way to not punish the sister-in-law, considering she didn't cheat on our brother and did it out of desperation?