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Thank you very much!

Thanks for the feedback.

Currently we're considering 3 ways of implementing movement/aiming system - the current 8-directional aiming tied to the movement, which is best suited for D-Pad usage, separating movement and aiming by using left and right analog sticks independently, or a lock-on system with target switching.

The right analog stick is used for camera movement, although it can be hard to notice that, since the level design in the prototype is a bit confined and the camera often is near the edge of its confinement area, so the feature rarely comes in handy. We plan having more open level design in the final game, so it might be more useful by then :).

As for the animations - they are mostly placeholders or temporary poses. We are aware the character movement is a bit wonky, and we'll make sure to refine and polish the animations so that they feel dynamic and fit for a cyborg :)