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Lifetime Disaster

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You don't need to look at jinx in the cameras, you just have to look at her while she's in your office. Staring at her through the cams only stops her from getting in.

It's the second five nights with floppa I've made

cool but I don't think so, so I will not make it support mobile

I can't understand what you're saying

There was an issue with the browser versions and it would take too much time to fix the browser versions

tf are you unblocking? Any uploads of fnak outside of are of shitty websites who host my hame without permission

I loved it

Btw the person who recorded the phone calls wasn't me lol

No hablo espanhol


I will make a 3rd game eventually



The enemies only get active around 2 am

Get good

construct 2

unzip it.

Pop cat is kinda easy, just use your light on him he really can't attack you when someone's in the same room as him

Read the instructions

That's awesome

Click and hold

Hover the mouse over the bottom left of the screen

Yes i'll be adding unlockable offices

No but I can tell you what esch character does:

Floppa: pet him if he gets inside (click him)

Bingus: don't look at him if he leaves the cat room

Popcat: double click a camera to play an audio at the room he's at once he leaves the cat room to scare him away

Sogga: if he's sleeping, turn the song off, if he's awake, turn it on

Jinx: if he gets inside he'll stare at you, just pull the monitor down and stare him back to scare him away

Michael: if he gets inside, click his food pot to give him food

The 3d in fnak 3 looked bad and it made it hell to develop it

Leave it on if sogga is awake, leave it off if he's asleep


It literally is the same dude

deez nuts

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You got most things right except for sogga. Having him sleeping or awake is the same danger-wise. Just leave it on if he's awake, leave it off if he's sleeping

Don't care

Ah you're a troll. Nice try bud

Leave your complaints in the complaint box: 🗑️

Don't care, didn't ask. I'll make the games I want, not the ones you want. This isn't meant to be an awesome game, this is meant to be a thing for fun. If you want a different game go make it yourself. I got more stuff to do than to bother with ignorant and stupid people, a.k.a you.

You gotta click the pot

You can't affect the speed at which sogga falls back asleep

the phone calls tell you

The femboy hooters thing is a simple joke. The place doesn't look like femboy hooters at all, it's Just the name and it's not that relevant to the game. It's literally just a meme, no one cares

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don't look at the sphinx when he leaves the cat room

I didn't say that

It's rng for the most part, but after a while there's a point with a 100% guarantee that popcat will leave. It's at the dining room