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Not a dev but i can tell you each DLC is sold separately!

Absolutely Phenomenal!!! Constantly Smiling and laughing!!!! Amazing as usual!!!

Hi! Here to say that yes! There are about 10 planned episodes! Although that may change in time but if you join the discord (by sending an application via tumblr) you can have constant updates on it!

Agreed that sometimes the pacing for emotions can be a bit wack but, that's why the patch was made for this episode! The dev's have said that they were just trying to get the backstories out there and why that those scenes can feel a bit off but now we have the choice to hear about it or save it for later, but yeah! I love the dev's and the fandom a lot and was more than a little surprised to find the board and its contents, but i believe that these characters are very realistic and their reactions and behaviors make sense! but anyways thank you for your reply i'm glad to hear at least one person liked it ajfbakjfbkwf

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Hi! I'm from A6 Discord server and have been reading all of these discussions and......I have quite a few disagreements with y'all. IN THIS ESSAY I WILL ADDRESSING WHAT I'VE SEEN IN THESE FORMS!!!

Disclaimer: This is a informative post! I'm not shaming or hating on y'all! 

Damon -  The man is an assassin. He is from the most brutal and cruel planet in their system. He's had to kill someone when he was TEN, he has shitty parents growing up, and had to fend for himself. He had witnessed their deaths (even if it was just the end). He said himself that you only make if off Cursa 3 ways. Dead, Arrested, or in a gang. He had to support himself as a child on a planet where murder was as common a rainstorm (thus his soft spot for children). To quote the Visual Novel itself, "What was it like growing up on Cursa?" "I wouldn't call it 'growing up'. More like surviving." He obviously doesn't trust people as he's had to deal with many nasty types on his jobs before, and yes He worked for Zovack. Damon is clearly not political person, he'd had to grow up looking out for himself and why would that change now that he's an adult? So yeah, he doesn't care about killing, it's normal for him. "You were a child."  "And what did you expect me to do, lie down and die?"
 "You gotta do what you gotta do. And sometimes, that means killing a guy."

Vexx -  Okay C'mon,  Vexx's backstory is unknown to us but cmon. Do you really think he did what he did for no reason? Motivation is key in these types of characters and lets not pretend that our family had nothing to do with it. The whole point of his character is conflict. You can go back through the A6 Tumblr and see his mood board shows it quite well. Redemption is going to be an aspect obviously and its up to us do decide whether we want to forgive him. Please try to avoid making assumptions about a character we've had for less than a episode.

June - The man has the most trauma out of all the A6. No Argument, this man has put up with horrors we cant even image and we haven't even seen the extent of it. He's obviously is in a very conflicted place with himself, as his reactions will show. He's knows in his head MC isn't to blame, but guys!!! Our heart doesn't work that way, if you hear your BFF cant make it to a hang out you were excited for you understand but it still hurts right? Same Logic here. June is going on the info he knows, and yeah, maybe he shouldn't assume but he's emotional and we don't tend to think the most logically when emotional, not to mention he told MC that he didn't want to talk but MC pushed him to. He knew that if he talked to MC it would end badly and he obviously didn't want to hurt them but MC pushed, and guess what, it ended badly. My point here?
June is Human and he's Traumatized. He's going to make mistakes, and he's going to react to things. Judging someone based off how they handle being pushed when at the end of their tether isn't exactly a good measurement of their personality.

"What happened to you?"What hasn't happened to me..."

Calderon -  The guy is just protecting his team c'mon. A Stranger who has claimed Amnesia who was found in a- at the time- active war zone is on your ship, the attack was on the royal family and had been successful, you've had a past with Zovack himself who tried to execute you, at least one of your team mates also has had direct contact with said man AND you have a HUGE bounty on your head. Maybe if they don't work for zovack, maybe they're a bounty hunter and this was a ploy to get you and your crew caught! Man, to be honest they could be anybody. Your going to be suspicious of them right?  Now, Lets say said stranger finds out who they were. Great! Their not a spy or a Bounty Hunter (or anything remotely dangerous). They end up being a missing royal and you were trying to make sure the royals weren't dead so hey, last chance! So, that suspicion and uneasiness is gone, but man, they just lost their entire family, and it seems that the person they met up with/the memories they got aren't good ones, and well, their part of that crew you want to protect now, of course your going to be concerned. Its shows through out the Episodes he care for his crew, and you might say its hard to see them but yeah, he's not supposed to show how much he cares so blatantly. He's a teddy bear in iron armor. He's been betrayed, hurt and was on his way to his death bed. The man may have been through the least about of trauma but its still trauma.
"I was betrayed by those closest to me, and used as a pawn in Jes Zovack's scheme to get rid of the biggest opposition to his claim and infiltrate the Crown Council from the inside."

Extra's that apply to multiple or all:
Guys, they didn't have anybody to tell them how to deal with their emotions, they are people, their going to make mistake and deal with somethings bad sometimes, how many times have you gone over they things you "should've could've" done.
 They've known MC for Less than a week. You don't Gain the trust of a group of Extremely Wanted and Dangerous  Mercenaries easily, who all have gone through a bunch of trauma (some WAY more than others) 
You have to take into account the setting being a Sci-Fi Dystopian future. Trust isn't something that can be giving out easily without the possibility of life or death consequences.
 The dev's wrote the characters, they know them better than anyone else.  
its the 3rd episode!!!! give it a little more time!!

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

EDIT: I recommend if your going to make a claim on someones personality make sure you check all available cannon resources!!!



oh god i cannot express the amount of pain i feel having to put this in a folder to buy later, i just spent a bunch of money on some games and then right after purchase i find this monster,this beast, this absolute unit of a eldritch horror of a game and its calling my name, and a dumb bitch for not waiting a few more minutes to see this glorious masterpiece. As soon as the weekend hit this game shall be within my grasps and i will play it i promise thee that much. (also i fucking love this art style)

OMG! I loved it so much!!!!!!!!!!! the art style is amazing and the writing is even better!!!!!!!!!! ahhhh i cannot express how much i loved this, not only were the designs for the LI's amazing but for Vil as well! At first i thought we wouldn't see our self but it was a pleasant surprise! Personally my only problem was reading, but that's because of my own issues, i loved the LI's a lot and i hope i get to see more of your work if other are made! Best wishes!!!