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I had a great time playing this! This  has really fun noir writing, fun puzzles, excellent visuals. I hope to see  more games set in Glass City!

Thank you! :) that means a lot coming from you, waste eater is incredible

i loved this! the slashing mechanic was stressful in the best/most compelling way, and the soundtrack was great too. great storytelling in such a short experience

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my suggestion:"gathering"

bonus answer:

This is so ambitious and I love the character portraits! The ending was really sweet and unexpected too :)

I started this game smiling and ended almost crying :') The writing shifts seamlessly from charming and funny (I smiled a LOT while reading the ghost dialogs) to thoughtful and serious in a really natural way. Can't wait to see your next game!

Thank you very much for playing!! I think we all can relate to the worm person sometimes lol :)

I can't say I "enjoyed" this game exactly but I can say how strongly I appreciated it--both for its ideology and the marriage of mechanics and text. It's really powerfully executed. I played this yesterday and have been thinking about it since.

Standout moments:

  • The experience of signing the contract
  • The palette and environment change whenever you are warned about your "infractions"
  • The final section, with all the individuals coming together after you speak with them
  • The final text, the call to action
  • Also, shout out to the language select screen, so impressive!

Thanks for making and sharing!

This is  really masterfully done--lovely music, charming dialog, and lovely art (my favorite visual touch is the moonlight shining through the window panes). A great narrative on its surface and i appreciate the deeper message too :)

Even though this was super brief, I enjoyed playing it. I'm glad you put these silly jokes together into a playable game :)

Wow I really can't get enough of your bitsy environments, they're so artfully done!! And the various color palettes all go together so well. I can't wait to see what you make next :)

I love this color palette and how varied the visuals of each screen are. and I have a soft spot for the young lady's sprite. The story telling is really sweet and sad, and I think your use of bitsy's looping-back-to-the-beginning-whenever-a-game-ends to illustrate the endless cycle in Emily's garden to be really striking!!

This is a really sweet portrayal of a loving relationship with some interesting, fun, silly ghost worldbuilding too! Loved the scene you painted--visually, narratively, and musically. I haven't played the first two games yet and this stood on its own very well, I'm going to go play those two next!!

thank you for playing!! I agree, if I were to revisit this now I would add some music.. and also refine some more visual details I think

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i enjoyed this game! some of my favorite visuals were the birds, crabs, and umbrellas+shadows.

i was definitely *not* expecting what we see on the screen above the starting screen! (keeping it vague to not spoil it for anyone reading this.) It adds so much to the world of the game and really put a macabre spin on the whole thing.. which makes sense because they're ghosts! I'm glad the family didn't let it get in the way of having a nice holiday though

i had such a great time playing this! the setup of the cyberghost and then actually meeting them was probably my favorite part... and i loved the chain animation in the cyberghost area too.

I also think the private jet is a great way to make sure the player has seen everything before leaving

wow! the way you've rendered the water, clouds, trees...all make for such a spooky and atmospheric swamp! really amazed by the look & feel of your game, and the ending totally cut through my expectations in a great, funny way. thanks for making and sharing!

thank you!! :)

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I had fun with this and appreciated reading your postmortem, too. I got both the dumpster ending and the dead end and was wondering if there were any more! 

By the way, that cute kitty is suspicious.. :)

This was  cute and I really enjoyed all your  unique ghost designs and the slightly spookier (but still silly) vibes of the second room! I did struggle a lil bit with navigating through the door--I must have kept hitting the wrong key bc after transitioning to the second room it kept sending me back to the original room

I really love the art in this game, both the  color palette and the environmental sprites (though I agree with onion re: items being hard to differentiate). The pentagram room is my favorite and Muku is really funny too!

I look forward to seeing more of your games!

Thank you :) :)

Thanks!! :)

Thank you! :)

This is incredible. So beautiful, both visually and conceptually. I can't wait to revisit i.

This is so heartbreaking but beautiful. 

This is so heartwarming and funny! 

This is super cute! i loved the color palette and the art especially. When I got to the kingdom for a second i was like "wait, why can I climb these walls?" and then i remembered I was underwater lol.

small note: i think the word "name" is missing in the dialog box with the eel at the beginning

This was so cool! i really enjoyed the atmosphere you created. I also really liked take the dog to the sea, so i'm looking forward to seeing what you make next!

This was such a delight to play, and the dialogue was so well-done! i did get stuck & have to restart when i talked to the  cook a second time and was transported back to the goose yard, with no way out since the goose was already gone. unless i'm missing something? either way,  i'm really looking forward to the sequel!

WOw this is so cute!

What a treat!

What an experience!

Oh my goodness, this was such a joy to experience. The music enhanced the whole thing so much, too.


Very meditative and hypnotic! 

Loved the palette! Thanks for the postcard.

Such a fun spin on the theme! And it's amazing how something so "simple" like this can be so evocative.

Really enjoyed the visuals and the journey. Feels like a much more polished cousin of my jam entry.