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This is so heartbreaking but beautiful. 

This is so heartwarming and funny! 

This is super cute! i loved the color palette and the art especially. When I got to the kingdom for a second i was like "wait, why can I climb these walls?" and then i remembered I was underwater lol.

small note: i think the word "name" is missing in the dialog box with the eel at the beginning

This was so cool! i really enjoyed the atmosphere you created. I also really liked take the dog to the sea, so i'm looking forward to seeing what you make next!

This was such a delight to play, and the dialogue was so well-done! i did get stuck & have to restart when i talked to the  cook a second time and was transported back to the goose yard, with no way out since the goose was already gone. unless i'm missing something? either way,  i'm really looking forward to the sequel!

WOw this is so cute!

What a treat!

What an experience!

Oh my goodness, this was such a joy to experience. The music enhanced the whole thing so much, too.


Very meditative and hypnotic! 

Loved the palette! Thanks for the postcard.

Such a fun spin on the theme! And it's amazing how something so "simple" like this can be so evocative.

Really enjoyed the visuals and the journey. Feels like a much more polished cousin of my jam entry.

Thank you!

Thank you!!

Thanks! I don't think I did either

Wow, this is so gorgeous. and sad!


delightful! the music added so much!

i really enjoyed playing this and i liked the descriptive narration, as well as the sail animation on the ship ! tbh i was a little disappointed that the ending text wasn't lengthier/more descriptive-- i was expecting something a little lengthier, along the lines of the rest of the game's narration. just my two cents. looking forward to your next game!

what a delight!

Wow! This is amazing. I think I found/completed most of the hidden quests?? Thank you everyone for making!

I enjoyed playing this! I love  how you re-contextualized a typically mundane activity--going out to lunch--by making it an interplanetary journey.

This was such a pleasant and cute experience! Thank you for making and sharing!

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this was wonderful. thank you for making and sharing.