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Yep, that's intentional. The version is for me to keep track of things. Misprints don't get an updated version.

Thanks; that one slipped through the cracks.

Should be fixed. Thanks for letting me know!

Il y a aussi une démo sur Steam. Je n'aime pas où ils le mettent mais c'est là.

Merci pour la bonne idée. Il y a une démo maintenant.

Je suis en train de créer une démo.



Wow, thanks so much! I really appreciate the kind words.

Sorry to hear that. Are you having issues with downloading or playing game?

Thanks, Scooter! Running a graphics-heavy UE4 game in the web browser is going to be challenging, but we are looking at options to get it to classrooms in some shape or form.

Thanks so much! <3

Let me know how it went!

It's a 60-90 minute game. Would a demo really help?

Thank you so much! I'm with you there; I really hope that Brukel is one of many games using this concept. The Conversation actually published an article about it if you would like to see some other examples of this type of game. Let me know how you liked it!

Happy to answer any questions you might have.

Thanks! The reviews have been pretty good so far. Let me know how you liked it if you decide to give it a go.