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Nice game, I got scurred like 4 times.

Really enjoyed this one. Chillas Art keeps comin out with them bangers.

From the Darkness is basically the full version of this game.

Nice, will be getting this one when it comes out.

Loved this game. It was fun as hell.

Rewatching my playthrough when I was editing this, I actually think I may have missed an ending, but I had a good time playing this one.

Great atmosphere. I had a fun time playing this one.

The game didn't get any scares out of me, but I enjoyed it.

Quite enjoyed this demo, so I've got hopes that the full game will be good. I do hope they have monsters to run away from, though, because the demo didnt have that yet.

One of the first games I played for my channel. Game had a good atmosphere and some cool scares.

PS Apologize for what I'm assuming is going to have a lack of editing and shitty sound.

I had a good time playing this one, even though I didn't finish it. I'm just not a big fan of having to completely restart a game when I die. I might try and finish it again though when I have more time.

So I enjoyed this game, BUT is it on purpose that I could only face one direction? Because if so, I did not like that aspect. Besides that though, it was a good horror experience.

Nice one, will be playing more by you.

I enjoyed this, but I hope I didn't fuck up and not see the ending by going into the closet instead of out into the main room.

This was awesome. Can't wait for the final release. Im hoping for some creepy monsters.


Has potential, I might be playing the final one when it comes out.

I played this one, and I've got to say that I enjoyed Martyrdom a lot more, but it was okay.

Really enjoyed this one, I'll be getting it when it comes out. 

I played it and I think youre strongest skill is the environments and atmosphere. I will be playing more by ya'll.

After playing the second game, I thought I should check out the first one. Interesting series so far, will be playing more.

Really enjoyed this and will be playing the full game when it comes out.

I did it, I broke out. Fuck that executioner.

This game was quite good. Enjoyed it, much thanks.

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Played the shit out of this game, and by that I mean I played it once to completion.

I enjoyed it, but couldn't find the last thing I needed.

Played this one, had a fun time. Thanks.

Played the whole game, and I had a few issues with it, but overall an enjoyable experience. Will be playing future titles by you.

Very much looking forward to this game when its finished.

Had to get used to the combat fast, the enemies get up in your ass.

Played this. I would have liked to bail as soon as possible by listening to the notes telling me to leave.

Played all three of these games, and I can see a clear continual rise in quality with each one.

Played all three of these games, and I can see a clear continual rise in quality with each one.

Good game, keep up the good work.

Works great now. Thanks.

Okay, so its getting there. This last time I can now walk regularly if I'm holding down shift, but I can't move if I'm not. Shift allows me to walk, but not run. And if I'm not holding down shift, I cant move at all.

I really enjoyed this one. I'm excited for Mortuary Assistant too. 

Okay, so I tried it again. So heres what going on: I can't walk whatsoever, BUT if I hold down shift to run, I can run side to side. Running side to side works the best. No other movement works.

So... this game is really about an MK Ultra victim, right? Considering that its some sort of college study makes even more of a case for it being some MK Ultra shit.

This was a pretty fun little RE fetus. I would have liked a first person perspective more, but that's just my own bias. Had a good time playing it. Thanks.