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Neat! This is still pretty fun even though we've gotten used to more complicated VR games now. I like the style of the game and the songs are entertaining. It kind of has that early technology vibe that makes it a fun thing to try out.

Thanks for porting it so we later comers to VR could give it a shot!

Absolutely awesome. Can't wait to see updates, one of my favorite VR experiences so far (and I've been in VR for a year!). I finally got all 12!

Some feedback: I noticed some strange glitches with turrets being upside down, usually around the shipping container area.

Please consider adding more guns, or patrolling humanoid enemies!

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This is really cool, however I haven't been able to finish a round in three tries. There always comes some point where for reasons I can't discover, the game suddenly completely freezes.

That aside, quite neat!