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A member registered Mar 22, 2019

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still not working 

the payment of paypal is disable we unable to buy ur asset.

nice asset !!!!is there any plans for some enemies ur a tilset ?

this pack is awesome to make a game.Are you consider another pack of enemies or tilset?

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this asset is so good! :)  keep it up all the assets like this I will buy them.

Good Job as always Balloon !! :) I will  donate you something in the project you set as free>

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I love the nes style. You're so talented whooo! for sure. I will buy more assets from you and keep it up! this update is amazing  and I stay tuned for the next update. :)

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Hi, I'm buying this asset is perfect for make a new game. Is there any plans to make a tilset and some enemies ? :)

Cool and size ?

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Hello PixelBurner I'm interesting to buy first answer my question is the cute forest tileset the tilesheet is transparent or is in pink color background?

Nice job buddy :) fantastic work but is possible to add download button lol

nice sprites, is possible to add dead animation, climb ladders,crouch,and slide? thank you for share.

I love it... :)  is posible to add climb and throw animations?

eu gosto do seu trabalho.. :)

Thank you is perfect to my project

thank you for the asset I will credit you in my project

thank you  I will credit you in my project.

awesome... thanks for share and will credit u.

Como haces para que te que todo tu trabajo te quede perfecto Ansimuz. todos los assets que haces son obras de arte pixel.

wow is perfect for my project . I will credit you

I Will credit u in my game ...

Good Job buddy. I will use in my fantasy game and the credits will be yur name.

Thanks buddy I will use in my game ..the credits will be yur name :D

El mejor artista de pixel art en los mejores assets para mis proyectos es por eso que no me equivoque en apoyarte en patreon

Is not working do not trust in this tool I was very reasonable to donate but I would not many errors to import do not resize as well in unity everyone try to use the tile palette in unity is hard pain of butt is the only way to get a fast workflow.

thanks Askariot is perfect for my project I will credit you and post the link as soon i complete my game xd

Seriously I need to be your patreon. I like so much your work :)

You need to coding for left animations in your game.

Nice fantasy pacK I would like more enemies please :)

no problem but you didn't say how can  pay if I donate  can i get  the template ?

Hi interesting to get template where i can pay it? please

Nice assets I will use it credit you thank you.

Nice pixel art.thank you so much I will use it in my game and will credit you.

que cool gracias lo buscare me animare aprender actualmente uso unity. 

yey I will use with your bundles in my projects thank you my friend Szadi art.

Nice pixel artist I thought he is the best and will buying more with him his assets are completely perfect for my projects high quality assets.

I purchase this bundle completely and happy with the assets are completely worthy thank so much my friend Szadi art now I can complete my game and as always will credit you.