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Life just sucks then ends

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Naw, bruh, I be lesbian af. I'M LESBIAN AND I'M PROUD...!

It was very nice as I continue, note that I am speaking from heart, not from mind. This was outstanding artwork, deserving a quality title. A title that states it should be looked at like, 'This is what I respect' by everyone.

;-; Hello Duck.

I like this one. :D

I searched cute wolfy in images, and this was one I found in the depths of google. ;D

Too spendy for dis boi.

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I am a socially awkward lesbian, that tells you that life sucks for me because of bullying and I'm friendless because of being bullied. Though, when I did punch them back a teacher came and gave me a month's detention, even though we were out of school. I played this game. Me:I'm finally not alone...! :3