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> Folks pay more than that for a coffee

Nice excuse, Elon Musk! Next time when you go to groceries store to buy set of veggies and your kid will ask you to buy new call of duty game instead because both things cost the same, consider buying him new call of duty game.

Five bucks? Kinda rich.

This visual novel would be good if it wasn’t abusing “brain-washing” trope to such degree. When one or more character do bad things their responsibility get undermined later by “oh, it’s not their fault, it was all supernatural’s town influence!” Such a cheap and unnecessary excuse.

Your mom needs to replace her keyboard 

I hate Max

is this game dead finally? ^_^  uwu

I love how FBTW’s fanboys response to criticism is how people weren’t reading the story well. Can’t you think about more inventive counterargument then that?

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Kael himself gives Ranok free pass.

This entire scene with nameless whore was all about calling out Caelan while justifying Ranok from every possible angle.

Betraying a person you were caring so far is dishonest. Respectfully fuck off

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Lol nice excuse. 

> that doesn't completely negates his positives qualities

No it does.

> 'stupid teenager' level fuck up

Ranok isn’t a stupid teenager. He is a grown ass man. He should take more responsibility for his actions then Caelan for fuck's sake

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Unlikable characters and flawed ones are different in a way where the actual narrative is recognizing their flaws or not. The screenshot above suggest Ranok to be in the right despite behaving like a complete motherfucker.

Also the fact alone that Ranok treated Caelan well before doesn’t give him a free pass.

lol nice job Kael

Holy shit this visual novel isn’t dead


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Недавно закончил читать послений билд. Что могу сказать.

Из плюсов:

  • 1)Довольно вовлекающий стиль повествования. Всё-таки у русских есть своя собственная подача сюжета воспроизвести которую Запад и Япония просто не в состоянии ввиду особенности их языка.
  • 2)Слава богу мира и жизни, в кое-то веки у протагониста из фурри визуальной новеллы есть собственное имя, спрайт, характер, предыстория и способность постоять за себя (с чем шлю большой привет всем западным визуальным новеллам).
  • 3)Сеттинг довольно интересный (хотя антиутопии мне хватает и в реальной жизни)
  • 4)В принципе примерно понятно в каком направлении будет двигаться сюжет. Уже намечена примерная интрига и цель, что заставляет меня ждать ещё и надеется на лучшее.

Из минусов:

  • 1)Тонна ошибок самого разнообразного рода. Пропущенные знаки препинания, неправильные согласования, повторения и прочее.
  • 2)Перевод на английский заслуживает отдельного разбирательства. В двойне обидно что я не могу в текущем состоянии порекомендовать игру своим западным знакомым.
  • 3)Некоторые детали сеттинга немного странные. Я конечно понимаю что армия это лютый хардкор и все такое, но я не вижу никакой в логике что бы начальники заставляли бы своих подчинённых воровать и грабить у своих же граждан, особенно если учесть что эта самая армия вроде как и нацелена на истребление этих самых личностей.
  • 4)Описывать так подробно как Миколас моется в душе было наверное необязательно. Ещё это вызывает у меня вьетнамские флешбеки про то как я читал Войну и Мир где Толстой зачем-то по двадцать минут описывал сраный дуб или босые ноги Пьера Безухова.
  • 5)Судя потому что я больше не могу найти эту игру в официальном поиске на (а также по тому что вы изменили возраст главного героя на 18 лет) я примерно могу догадаться к чему идет дело, и не сказать что был бы от этого в восторге. Все-таки это не та игра которой нужны постельные сцены на мой взгляд (хотя я же сраный девственник, так что почем я знаю)
  • 6)Ненавижу повторяться, но предыдущий дизайн Оками мне нравился намного больше. Хотя это все равно в сто раз лучше чем оригинальный дизайн соника в кино, лмао.

В общем я жду продолжения и надеюсь что вы не забросите проект, как это происходит с 90% фурри визуальных новелл. 

What a nice game. Especially artwork. I think I'm gonna borrow a couple of assets for a while and use them somewhere in my fanfictions. Thanks, Dynewulf! 

I love how you are accusing me of being incapable of basic human interaction while you yourself are incapable of forming even a simple cohesive counterargument. All you are really good for is saying how you disagree with me without even mentioning why exactly you disagree with me. Kinda pathetic.

P.S. How is Distant Travels doing? I believe you have a much more important job to finish than talking with so-called trolls, don't you think?

untendo snitch is my favorite console

I like it. Too bad it got axed

Discuss the game! I noticed that this game doesn't have a proper comment page, so I was thinking about making one

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Честно говоря, предыдущий дизайн Оками мне нравился намного больше...

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Eh? I, honestly, don't think so. Or at least not in such an outrageous and bitchy way like he is. If he really loves Lyall, he probably should think about his safety and well-being first, and his own second. I mean, didn't it occur to him that by defending Richter Lyall is putting himself in danger? (Now that I mention it, that's kinda funny, actually. Usually, I complain about how in furry visual novels protagonists' husbandos don't do enough for them, while here it's quite the opposite...) Anyway, he has quite a job to do to make up for his behaviour at this point.

I like the update, but Richter behaved like a bit of an asshole to me. He wants to uncover the culprit not because of justice, but to save his own ass. Also he proposed an absolute absurd idea that was very uncomfortable for Lyall to hear and also lashed out at him when he objected. Kinda selfish and petty.

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Unfortunately, they haven't got the focus they need to truly shine. The fact that are you soft locked only on Amicus and can't side with them also hurts.

I will be completely honest: I didn’t really liked this visual novel.

As far as I understand the main draw for it is Amicus, and I didn’t really liked him. I connected with him somewhat during the course of the story, but then he threw Marco under the bus by sending him back home with an impossible mission and with no help from his side whatsoever and I lost all sympathy for him, as well as all of the interest in all of its sequels and supplementary material…. Althought it isn’t that much of a problem considering that all of it stuck in development hell.

On a side note I really didn’t enjoy any of his nsfw scenes with Marco. They all were a bit too rapey from his side for my liking.

Nekojishi community · Created a new topic A review

Didn’t like it.

A very weak visual novel, even by furry standards. 

The plot is basically non-existent until the end of each route. All the events that exist besides it are only here to pad the story. The game itself isn’t really long yet it felt like it was going on forever. The writing is a bit bland and unenergetic, I didn’t really find the situations that characters were involved interesting or fun most of the time, it’s mostly just about Liao just hanging out or wasting time, and his spirits are there to tag along for a ride. 

The characters aren’t really that likeable or interesting as I constantly keep hearing either, I didn’t really felt anything toward them. Liao is a blank slate, which I suppose is a common thing by now considering how many visual novels typically involve them so everyone could project himself onto them. Lin Hu Is your typical daddy that just love the protagonist, Likulau is… well, Likulau. I couldn’t tell much about his personality because he just doesn’t talk most of the time and can’t even form a cohesive sentence. And Sempai just the most obnoxious character in the game whom I simply couldn’t stand. No seriously. He is constantly forcing himself onto the screen so much that in the end, I wanted him just to f\*ck off and die.

On top of it, there are so many uncomfortable hints at an abusive relationship that are present in this novel that I couldn’t help but notice, like how the spirits immediately want to take advantage of his ability and help them with their personal problems, or they just forcing themselves at Liao’ bed in a very first day, or how Liao isn’t particularly caring that his friend got possessed by a spirit who is actively taking advantage of his friend's money and… you know… his *body* in nsfw version or how Randolph is also possessing someone and also saying that he can switch the body whenever he likes when something will go wrong with his current host…. Yeah. Yikes. 

The setting isn’t particularly interesting either. To be honest, I’m pretty tired of eastern/Asian setting by now considering how many of visual novels and anime use them, and this game does nothing to stand out, even if it itself trying to suggest otherwise. Sure it uses a Chinese terminology from time to time when talking about supernatural occurrences, but that’s that. Aside of main character designs and some names this version of Taiwan doesn’t strike me as a particularly interesting or exotic place, the setting itself also has a very little personality aside from “it’s just another Japanese-esque” setting and any events places and characters that our characters visit doesn’t really help it.

Also-also, the novel is really vague and unclear about the rules it’s spiritual world operates. Like, I still can’t comprehend how spirits interact with objects. Like, they interact not with the object itself but with it’s “chi”, which poses some questions, like, can spirits borrow object’s “Chi” to infinity, and what happens once they stop interaction with that “chi”? How’s Lin Hu manages to get his “clothes” burnt and sustain any physical damage If he is a spirit? Is by allowing a human to see spirits you kinda exposes him to danger that these spirits possessed? If so, can it be reversed back? Is there any control under spirits? The spiritual setting makes no sense.

A lot of people praising that its background has real-world counter-part, but, you know, it’s not that hard to go and take some photos of a place you live in, so if anything it strikes me more as lazy than anything else. 

Speaking of laziness: The only thing that is animated is portrait in the left-down corner of the screen, and not the sprites themselves, and there are only like, six characters who are present in this novel? Also only spirits animated and not humans, so… yeah. Although to be fair, Studio Klondike only started their career so maybe they just simply didn’t have a budget at this point in time.

TL;DR just another furry visual novels created for gay furries. If that’s the writing this niche is going to stick to, then I’d rather might as well stick to vanilla stuff.


This is legitimately one of the worst visual novels  I have ever played, not counting yet another asset flip or an outright meme like "sex with Hitler"

I honestly don't even know where to begin with this one.

I think I will start by saying positive things first. "Angels with Scaly Wings" has got quite an original premise. It tries to be like the creation of Kotaru Uchikoshi (I'm talking about games like ever17 and Zero Escape series here), despite being positioned as “Dragon dating sim”, and even somewhat succeeds in that regard.

The strongest point of this game, which most other visual novels lack, is undoubtedly gameplay. 
So the gameplay is similar to the Zero Escape series, only instead of solving the room puzzles, you are solving the real-life (or at least, what they are trying to be) situations with other characters (dragons, to be précised). While it sends the player to make different routes with each of the characters, it also has got an interesting mechanic (aside from mini-games) like going back in time while allowing you to keep all the items and experiences you acquired in previous playthroughs, so later you can use it to progress further. Also, it managed to tie together some of the backstories of the world and make it relevant for some of the characters, involving them in a single accident. And, I have to say, that it’s even got plenty of side content and bonus routes. Hell, there is even postgame content after the true ending (although it’s nothing more original than simply an achievement hunt).

Unfortunately, this is where the positives kinda end.

The thing is that it lacks the most important thing that is so relevant when you create an indie game: it lacks soul. And that one single flaw is nullifying every good thing this novel has. 

So let me clarify for you what actually I mean by that.

First off, I would like to talk about characters. Let me say one thing about the majority of them: they are awful. They are so lifeless, stoic, one-dimensional and static, that I would assume it would be safe to call them all dead. 

The protagonist takes the cake in that regard, because, unlike all other characters, he has nothing. No personality, no appearance, no flaws, no moral principles, no character, on peculiar quirks, and he is so indifferent to everything that even “Lightning” from final fantasy xiii will grow envious of him. When someone flirting with him, or someone dear to him dies, got shot, or when either there is a moral dilemma standing there in front of him, he expressing not a single trace of emotion. Not. A. Single. If this person represents the human ambassador of the future, then I’m worried about the fate of humankind in general.

Because of this, the writing lacks any kind of energy or engagement. Everything that is happening through the eyes of the main characters becomes bleak, and every of his response is the most generic and banal phrase you can think of (“yeah”, “no”, “whatever” and so on). In addition, there are a lot of moments when he prefers to be unnecessarily rude for no reason.

He is easily the worst protagonist I had ever displeasure of playing as in visual novels.

The other characters are no better. They are all as one dimensional as they can get, when either it is Reza (“Don’t care about dragons, I should save humans!!!111”), Administrator (“Don’t care about humans, I should save dragons!!!111”), Remy (“Oh no, my waifu is dead! What am I gonna do!?), Bryce (“Oh, no, my work is too much for me so gotta go drunk instead of solving crimes!”), Anna (“Oh no, I’m was working on a cure for the incurable disease but the rest of the world don’t understand me!”) Maverick (“Oh no, I was good but now my brother is killed so I’m bad”)…. The list goes on, and on, and on. Cliché characters, cliché backstories. Cliché resolutions. Cliché endings. Oh, have I mentioned that the dialogues for them also lack any kind of emotion or characterizations? 

The second thing is the story. It’s clichéd (what a surprise), there is no murder mystery because the killer is obvious from the very beginning and the police are pathetically useless, and all the pseudo-scientific theory about that each time you make a choice another universe is created… Guys, do you have any idea how much it is overused in visual novels at this point? Also, the game is exceptionally bad at displaying important story scenes (action scenes looks particularly embarrassing), and there is no emotional connection between any of the characters whatsoever (I’m not even talking about some scenes, in particular, that doesn’t make any sense)

The graphics in this game isn’t particularly impressive either, all the background art is taken from the public domain, the artwork is just ok, the number of sprites with different emotions as well as illustrations are catastrophically small to really show what’s going on, and the music is also bland despite the involvement of Shinji Hosoe. Not even he was interested in being involved in creating this game.

Overall, the quality of the project is pathetically weak, everything is made because the author wanted just to say something, not because he had something to say, and the fact that it’s the first project gives the creators no excuse to let him be in the current state.

is the project dead? If not, where the next update will be?

когда будет следующее обновление?

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So I just completed the last update aaaaaaand... I didn't like it. Like, at all.

I would probably get downvoted to hell for saying this, but I’m gonna say it anyway: I absolutely hate the turn that the story took. It’s almost as if Kael suddenly realized “Oh shit, I have put too much fluff in my story, so readers might become bored! I need to introduce conflict ASAP!” And then he did… in the most forced and generally the worst way possible.

Ranok’s betrayal came out of the left field. There was absolutely nothing that was leading up to it. Just before his hike, he visited his father and Vithyr in their villa, and neither of them said anything about them wanting Caelan to be out of the picture, like, right now. You think that it would be somewhat important for them to remind Ranok that he should get rid of him ASAP, yet they don’t do that. Okay?

And the 180 shift in Ranok’s character is absolutely jarring, comes out of nowhere and completely destroys any likability that I had in his character before. Apparently, he was whining that the pressure from his father was too much for him to handle, yet he was bravely going against his laws before, and then he decided to suddenly give up and throw Caelan under the bus. Okay??

And when I said that his character has changed by 180 degrees I really meant that. His tone has changed drastically. One moment he was like “I will protect you until you are ready” and the other “I don’t need you anymore you dumb animal”…. all the while getting all defensive and portraying himself as a victim. Okay???

And, of course, this plot twist comes immediately after Caelan gives him a blowjob. Almost as if Kael was waiting for this exact moment to make me despise Ranok the most. I mean, if that was what he was aiming for, he got what he wanted… except that it destroyed my personal interest in this visual novel and now I don’t really want to return to it again, ever. Though I suppose it would not be particularly hard considering how rarely it gets updated.

Welp, time to hunt for a new furry visual novel I guess.

Played the demo. Didn't like it. Actually, scratch that: I absolutely fucking hated it.  It's not as bad as another rpg-maker asset flip, but that's not saying much, unfortunately.


I will start with the good stuff though: graphically the game looks great. It is clear that a lot of effort was put into creating assets. The cast of characters (once you will be able to collect them all) look particularly diverse relatively to each other since none of them are of the same species.


The synthesis system is kinda cool, I like the fact that you can use it both in and outside the battle.


Unfortunately, that's where the positives kinda end.


Now for the bad stuff, a.k.a everything else.


First off the gameplay. One word to describe it: a grind fest.


The combat isn't particularly bad, but with the limited options available it transforms into yet another "spam attack button to win unless if the enemy has a weakness". This wouldn't be such a problem if battles were as frequent as they are. To add insult to injury, the random encounters are way too high, difficulty spikes are frequent, party members die too fast and deal too low amount of damage. The gameplay is just the worst embodiment of jrpg genre.


Do you know what else is the worst embodiment of jrpg? A fucking weapon upgrade system. Not only do you have to find a recipe, but you also have to somehow grind for resources to make those weapons. I for one am sick of this. Can't we just go back to basics where all we had to do is o find new loot in treasure chests and buy it from the store?


The world of the game looks kinda generic as well; with the only thing that is going for it is “alpha-omega” stuff. In addition, why they are called like that? Like, I sort of get the symbolism, but you DO realize that those are Greek letters? Are you telling me that the Greek civilization existed in this world? I don’t buy it.

The game has no story. I don’t really find it anywhere. The MC is just gets isekaied into a random fantasy world and then random shenanigans ensue. And it’s not like that concept can’t work (I mean undertale have pulled that off somehow) but with the lack of interesting characters, everything feels void and pointless.

Now for the characters.

My favourites are probably Su and Lex. They are just good boys, but that’s all I can really say about them.

Drey isn’t a character. He isn’t even a self-insert. He is just a plot device: a human MacGuffin being pushed by everyone else on the game board. He has no character, no personality, and acts like even he himself doesn’t really want to be in the game. For the majority of the game, he lacks the motivation to do anything, and at times when he DOES have motivation, it makes no fucking sense. Like, you decided to throw yourself into a cave full of bandits to rescue some green weirdo who abused you? What’s WRONG with you?

And then there is Gerat… oh boy. The only character who comes close to having an actual character… and he is probably the worst character in the game and one of the worst representations of Tsundere I have ever seen. I don’t even know where to start with him, other than saying that he is absolutely awful. I hate him and don’t give a single crap about his tragic backstory. The writer thinks that having a tragic backstory somehow justifies the character for being an absolute asshole. No, it’s not. Drey goes out of his way to help him… for some reason… and all he ever does is inflict emotional abuse upon him. Like, are you a fucking moron? Oh, wait, you ARE a fucking moron because instead of sticking to a single person who treated you with kindness and respect you instead decided to go back to captivity. Apparently while being a sex slave he got fucked really hard in his brain because his intelligence is really low. Gerat, please, find your brain.

I don’t have any wish to treat this character with even an iota of respect, and it seems Bara-Diction agrees with me because immediately after being freed from captivity he is used as a fap material right away in an incredibly forced sex scene between him and Drey… all the while being a rape victim beforehand. Not even Ann from Persona 5 was mistreated that badly.

Overall, the game is crap. I have been following Bara-Diction work for a while now, and the only thing he is good at is drawing furry porn. Probably just should stick with it and leave the game industry for, like, forever.