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What is gay in this game i cant find any gay Elements

Other question i bought the other Game here on itch but didnt get that licensed key 

Where is the next update?

Where is the next update 

When comes the next update i asked for a friend 馃槄

Orveia communityCreated a new topic New Version

When will be a new version on itch 

When comes the next update

I must ask is that the complete full game i hope not please

The demo is the last piece of rubbish, nothing is going smoothly, flying dwarves in the city and when i met arthur i got kicked out of game please add how to change the solution maybe this is the Problem is there 

then release the game now and then make updates little by little

can you say where the creator is from because here in Germany its right now the 8 November 

mmmm first they said 6 November 馃槄

I cannot wait any longer 

Will nitro and the white Tiger get a Sex scene

I cannot Download the new new Version only 0.9

Ergi commentsReplied to ynv in Ergi comments

can you tell me the Name of the two Charakter 

Hi i wonder why are here no porn but you can see nudes and love interests i mean when i would meet someone over time i would definitly have sex with him ( sorry for my bad english)

Is here a sex scene in this update

I wanna know i bought chapter 1 of the one did i need to buy chapter 

Can somebody tell me what is the name of the music in the Main menu

What is the name of the title song?

Orveia communityCreated a new topic Orveia

Can you please add a Sex scene between the player and his pet

Hi have this Game for android and i want to ask how did i get a smoother controls in the minotaur maze because i only have 22 seconds to put the statue in place but with the controls it's impossible

I cant find the passwort in the Labyrinth 

Are in the game any Sex scenes with aiden

Can you make a Android version of that game please 

Do you have a shedule for the next Android Update