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Oooh! I didn't know there were love interest PoV scenes! I must have missed that if it was mentioned somewhere in the game. What a treat. I've watched them now and oh Robin... how can someone be so smart and so breathtakingly stupid at the same time.

It is absolutely hilarious to read the other comments and, despite the first route being Robin's, everyone is still thinking about Geoffrey. I don't blame them, I am too. And John. And Layton. -heavy sigh-

I can be patient. I will wait for each of my lads' route and this Layton DLC I heard about? Tell me it's true! Take my money, let me romance the mysterious druid.

Due to my currency, the early access was a pricy thing for me (thankfully steam regional pricing saved me somewhat), but the demo was so delightful that I wanted to take the chance, and I was fairly confident that I wouldn't be disappointed. The art, the music, the writing and the lore captivated me immediately. And though you can tell Robin is pretty low on my list of Targets, the excellent quality I was looking forward to meant that I was happy to play whoever's route would come out first. No regrets, I came away really loving Robin and his Warrior Lady.

I can only imagine what a huge undertaking this game is, so I will reign in my impatience. Believe me when I say I will wait for each update with delight. And if you ever need a beta-reader or an assistant writer... -finger guns-

Thank you for this wonderful experience.

What a fantastic game, I had so much fun with it! I may have stayed up all night, nightowl style, to complete every single route. Making it look like a discord server is an inspired idea, and an excellent way to take advantage of all the screen real estate that visual novels often don't. Instead of my attention being divided between the images and text on the bottom half of the screen constantly, I felt fully engaged.

Another inspired idea, making the actual webnovel and it's associated fanart and fanfic to populate the server. Not only does it make it more alive and realistic, but I LOVE 'fake' fiction inside fiction, it's one of my favourite things.

The writing for the characters is very strong. Everyone has a distinct personality and I found myself getting very attached to them. I really like that the non-romantic characters have more of a voice than most visual novels give them, I just wish I'd had more time to spend with them, maybe even get a chance to help them and hang out with them more. Friendship route DLCs? :Dc

My oooooooonly sense of missed opportunity was that there was no easter egg for naming yourself Lola. That would have been perfect. Excellent game!

I ADORED this game. The premise was so unique and engaging. Even as someone who enjoys visual novels, I sometimes find it a little sad or annoying to focus onto on the bottom part of the screen and have my attention constantly divided between the text and the visuals. The layout here takes full advantage of the screen, making my engagement with everything much more cohesive, and I love that. And of course I love the voiced lines, these actors have so much charm.

An especially lovely thing was how well the side characters were written. I often see that side characters are treated more as a means to push the story forward, with all the focus on the romantic interests, but I very much enjoyed how these characters all felt like a community, and your dealings with your romantic interests intersected with the community rather than leaving it behind. The only drawback with that is I wanted fuller friendship routes with everyone because I wanted to keep talking to my friends :)

All in all, a wonderful experience. I stayed up irresponsibly late to finish the routes and get the good guild end, and it's so satisfying every time. I hope Walter and Ali work some things out. I hope Jim remains his lovely, silly self. I hope... well that would be spoilers, wouldn't it? But I hope everyone stays happy. I love them, I want them to be happy.

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This is absolutely delightful! I especially like the painterly style of the backgrounds and characters, it gives this visual novel such a unique look against many others that drew me in immediately, like an illustration in an old book.

All the characters are so interesting, from their looks to their voices and personality; I'm keen to know more about them, the lore and our place in the world. My imagination is buzzing with your ideas and words. Lovely. I can't wait to keep playing this all over again until I run out of choices. So perhaps it's a mercy that's it's only a demo for now, because I suspect the full release will take over my life.

So excited for more!

Hello! Any change of refreshing the community copy pool? This looks so lovely.

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I am absolutely in love with this. Coming from a South Asian culture it's wonderful to see more fantasy that is not simply western or far eastern in influence, and is giving me hope to complete my own 'poc fantasy/sci fi' twine games as well.

(Honestly as an avid but still learning Twine user I'm hungrily looking at every aspect of your design/interactivity. Once it's all complete and downloadable I'll have as much fun code diving as playing.)

ANYWAY excellent worldbuilding, wonderful characters, I want to befriend every single one of them. Love Tujo and Heval I would protect them with my life I wish them all happiness. Stressful political decisions, I can already tell I'm going to play this obsessively multiple times until I get good outcomes. Top work, keep it up!

Thank you!!

Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

Aaah thank you so much! It makes me so happy that you tried out everything, that makes all my effort worth it :D

YEEESSSSSS! I'm only four levels in (rocking out to Sing Sing Sing, my eternal favourite) and this is such a wonderful game. I love the style, the idea, the little touches that tie like the curtain transition and the newspaper background. I see you put up a 'how I made it' postmortem and I'm as interested to read that as I have been to play this. Excellent work! :D

okay second question and hopefully final. I had started writing a twine story/game a long time ago (that will not be submitted it'll take me five years) where I was taking advantage of the digital format to store and track variables, changing the phrasing  or the situation a little depending on previous variables. Is that allowed for this jam or should I try to keep towards 'if this was printed it should be playable'? As near to classic gamebook as possible?

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I just discovered this and I'm very excited to participate. Is there a rough word or page limit for this?

I haven't downloaded the demo YET but I'm immediately excited to play because aesthetically this looks EXACTLY like one of those old Osbourne puzzle books

Thank you! I haven't played yet but I am very excited to gain more Turkish vocabulary by playing!